Choosing Floral Decor

When it comes to choosing flowers for your wedding, there are a lot of things to consider – time of year, color scheme, your venue, the type of look you want, etc. You may love gerbera daisies, but if you’re planning a wedding with a vintage feel, they probably won’t work for you. 

The good news is, there are a TON of flowers out there and many of them come in a number of colors and are available for multiple seasons. However, if it turns out that the flower you want for your event is out of season, there may be a flower that looks similar that you can substitute. For example, peonies are a gorgeous flower, but they have a very short season, if they’re not available for your event, look into garden roses.  

Donna and Chad's Wedding
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A great way to stretch your floral budget is to choose flowers that are in season. Not only will it keep costs down, but your florist will have no problem getting it. But, if you just have to have that expensive orchid or a flower not typically in season, but gettable, use it in your bridal bouquet – it will make it that much more special and you won’t completely blow your budget by using it everywhere. 

Use the season to your advantage. If you’re having a fall or winter wedding, consider incorporating branches.  If you’re having a summer wedding, think about adding some fruit to your centerpieces.  For a spring wedding, what about wheat grass?
Jackie and Tom's Wedding
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Dawn and Pete's Wedding
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Also, go through each aspect of the day when deciding on your floral arrangements. Besides bouquets, boutonnières, corsages and centerpieces, where else might you want a floral touch? If you’re getting married in a church, alter arrangements look beautiful in pictures and spruce up the altar a bit. Pew decorations are also a nice touch. If you’re getting married outside, you could “mark” the end of the aisle with two large arrangements or line the aisle with tall vases with submerged or floating flowers. If you’re getting married under a chuppa or canopy of some sort, think about embellishing the poles with flowers, or using pots of flowers to anchor them. Also, don’t forget about your cocktail tables, place card table, gift table and fireplace.
Julie and Ryan's Wedding
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Nicole and Josh's Wedding
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Idit and Jordan's Wedding
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Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of places there are to accent with flowers. You certainly don’t have to use flowers everywhere, but if you want to, you can reuse some from earlier in the day, later on. For instance, your pew decorations can become cocktail table arrangements. Or your bridesmaid bouquets can become table décor. 

And when it comes to choosing your centerpieces, think about the reception room. Is it a grand room with high ceilings? If so, low centerpieces may not be your best option. If you’re having an intimate reception in a smaller space, you may not want to go with grand centerpieces. 

Do some research and figure out what you like, but be flexible and find a florist you trust. If a flower you want isn’t available, they’ll be able to give you other options that work with your look and budget.


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