Teaser Tuesday

Even though there were periodic showers on Saturday, Lindsay and Luke had the fun filled, elegant wedding they had both imagined! The girls started out at Philadelphia's Hotel Monaco with hair stylist Dominique from Ebauche Salon and makeup by Robin Lynette, and they made the bride and the bridesmaids look stunning! The sweetest ceremony was held at Trinity Memorial Church and officiated by Reverend Charles Quann, who has known Lindsay since she was young. Afterwards, the couple and their bridal party were escorted around the city by Cescaphe Trolley to take some amazing pictures with Shari from Shari DeAngelo Photography, while Be Films captured all of the fun! They joined their guests for a delicious cocktail hour at The Down Town Club and enjoyed the incredible panoramic views of Old City. The ballroom looked incredible thanks to the floral designs of The Rhoads Garden and lighting provided by Beautiful Blooms. CTO's Tribeca had all of the guests up on their feet dancing and after the couple cut their wedding cake, the band started singing happy birthday to Lindsay's father! Another great surprise was the groom's cake that Lindsay gave Luke. It was created by Bredenbeck's Bakery and was fashioned after a boxing ring! Such a wonderful night! -Amanda

Teaser Tuesday

The weather for Ashley and Pat's Knowlton Mansion wedding was pure perfection. It was a beautiful day that began with the girls getting their hair and makeup done at Salon Esperanza. They then headed over to the Mansion, where they were joined by the guys, to finish getting ready. The couple shared their first look on the staircase in the Mansion and walked the beautiful grounds with their bridal party for photos. Michael Chadwick Photography was there to capture the day and guests enjoyed a photo booth by Best Booths NJ. Ashley and Pat's ceremony was beautifully officiated by one of their friends and another one of their friends provided the music and vocals. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a delicious cocktail hour and meal from Conroy Catering and the dance floor kept busy thanks to Dave from Schaffer Sounds. The bride did a lot of DIY projects that gave the Mansion a personal touch. Ashley and Pat, thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day- we wish you all the best! -Becky
Patricia and Dan's wedding started bright and early on Saturday morning, with Patricia and her bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done by Jazmin Rhee in their suite at Hotel duPont. Cory from Dorothy Cinema arrived in the early afternoon to begin the videography and shortly after Amanda from Love Me Do Photography arrived to capture the finishing touches of makeup. We then got Patricia in her Monique Lhuillier gown and sent her off for her first look with Dan. After, they headed over to Winterthur Museum for photos with their bridal party. The ceremony was held at the Reflecting Pool at Winterthur and was officiated by the bride's cousin and guests enjoyed cocktail hour at the pool before heading down to the Visitor's Center for the reception. The crew from Synergetic Sound and Lighting draped the space then uplit it in warm amber and projected a wash on the dance floor. They also added string lights to the patio outside which guests were able to enjoy all night when they headed out to the bar and to the photobooth provided by Majestic Photobooth Company! Mike and Pat from Synergetic spun tunes and got guests out on the dance floor- it was packed!! It was a gorgeous and flawless day and we are so happy for Patty and Dan! Enjoy this teaser from Love Me Do Photography- we can't wait to see the rest! -Lisa
Truc and Tuan's wedding day started with a Vietnamese Tea Ceremony held at the bride's parents' house. The wedding party were dressed in their Ao dai and, following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a delicious luncheon of traditional foods. Once the tea ceremony was complete, the wedding party changed into gowns and tuxedos and headed to St. Helena's Church for a Catholic wedding ceremony. All eyes were on the stunning bride as she processed to her groom and there were even a few tears shed during their sweet vows. Afterwards, we took some fun photos in the city with our amazing photographers Sam Hassas and Tony Hoffer, and awesome film crew from Tweed Weddings. Then, the gang arrived at Vie and were spoiled rotten by the Cescaphe Event Group- so much yummy food and cocktails to choose from! The room looked incredible thanks to the floral designs of Petals Lane, and the guests had a blast dancing to tunes spun by Binh of Silver Sound Entertainment and posing in the photo booth by Chariot. It was a long, great day full of love, laughter and fun and we were thrilled to help Truc and Tuan's wedding dreams come true! Congrats to a wonderful couple! -Erin

How to Get Ready for Your Wedding Day and How to Pack

The final week leading up to your wedding can be one of the most exciting weeks of your life...and also one of the most stressful. Throughout the planning process, our goal is to try to ensure that everything is taken care of before the week of the wedding so our couples can enjoy spending time with visiting friends and family. But, there are always last minute items that need to be done including packing everything for your wedding day. Here is your rundown on what to do the week before your wedding and what to pack the day of. 

Confirm Your Wedding Vendors
If you hire Proud to Plan, we take care of this for you. The Monday before your wedding, we contact all of your wedding vendors to confirm all of the details we have finalized and also to confirm their arrival time and that they have our contact information, should any issues arise. It's a great way to get on the same page with all of your wedding vendors and to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 
Finalize Your Inventory
I am sure a large corner of your living or dining room has started to pile high with everything wedding related. The week of the wedding is the time to go through it all and make a list of where and how everything is getting to where it needs to be. This includes all your decor and wedding essentials like your guestbook, toasting flutes, table numbers, signage, framed photos, etc. Typically you are able to drop most of these items off at the venue up to a day or two before, but some items you may need to bring the day of. 
Pamper Yourself
The week of your wedding is the time to pamper yourself. Get your nails done so they look their best, tweeze or get your eyebrows waxed, schedule a massage to relax you for the big day and overall, just spoil yourself. Now is the time to do it. And make sure to bring some of your girlfriends along for the fun!
Pack for Your Wedding Day
Next it's time to actually pack for your wedding day. From your marriage license to your dress, there is a full list of items you will need to pack with you the day of. Here are the essentials:
Wedding Essentials
  • Marriage License
  • Wedding Rings
  • Bride and Groom's Vows
  • Speeches and Readings for Ceremony
  • Invitation Suite (save the date, rehearsal dinner invite, shower invites, and the wedding invite, so your photographer can document them)
  • Final Vendor Payments (if you have any final payments to vendors)
  • Gratuity Envelopes (tips for any of the appropriate wedding vendors)
  • Extra Cash (in case you received excellent additional service)
  • Final Inventory Items (any items that could not be delivered to the venue)
For the Bride
  • Bride's Button Down Shirt (to make getting ready easier)
  • Bride's Dress
  • Bride's Veil
  • Bride's Undergarments and Garter
  • Bride's Jewelry
  • Bride's Purse
  • Bride's Shoes
  • Bride's Change of Shoes (flip flops or flats for dancing)
  • Bride's Luggage
  • Bride's Toiletries 
For the Groom
  • Groom's Tux or Suit
  • Groom's Tie
  • Groom's Pocket Square
  • Groom's Specialty Socks
  • Groom's Shoes
  • Groom's Cuff Links
  • Groom's Luggage
  • Groom's Toiletries
Pack For Your Honeymoon
If you are leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding, you will also need to handle the packing before your wedding day. Remember that most of your out of town guests will stay around the day after your wedding and will want to spend time with you before heading home, so you may not have time to pack after you make it official. Pack before so you feel prepared and not rushed after the wedding. 

Enjoy Time Alone
Remember to take a breath and enjoy some alone time during your final week as an engaged couple. Plan a dinner date night to get the wedding off your mind for just even an hour and plan some fun things to do with friends when they start arriving to town for the weekend. 
Enjoy the moment and remember that everything will turn out great!


Teaser Tuesday

Caitlin and Rishi had picture perfect weather for their Horticulture Center wedding this past Saturday. The bride got ready with her mom at The Rittenhouse Hotel and stylists from Adolf Biecker Salon were on hand for hair and makeup. Caitlin looked stunning in her Reem Acra gown and Rishi was handsome in his navy suit. Steve and Sara of Langdon Photography were there to capture the day and EBE Dreamtime kept the party going. Guests enjoyed delicious food from Starr Events and a midnight snack of soft pretzels. The ceremony and reception space were beautifully decorated by Beautiful Blooms and enhanced with lighting by Eventions. The couple also hired performance artists, The Bumby's, to entertain their guests- they were a huge hit with everyone! It was a beautiful day filled with love, congratulations Caitlin and Rishi! -Becky

How We Can Save the Day with Our Emergency Kit

Besides helping our clients plan their weddings and coordinate everything the day of, we like to think of ourselves as our clients' own personal superman. We often find ourselves "saving the day" by reaching for our wedding day emergency kit (or our E-Kit, as we commonly refer to it), a large toolkit complete with a never-ending list of wedding day essentials. From stain remover to safety pins, we come fully prepared to tackle any issue that may arise on your wedding day. Below are just a few scenarios we find ourselves in on wedding days and what we grab for in our emergency kit to help save the day!
Medicine and First Aid
Scenario: The groom had a little too much to drink the night before and is having a good old fashioned hangover headache. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We are stocked with all sorts of pain medication including Aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, and other medicines including nasal decongestants, if his hangover happens to really be a bad cold coming on, though it's probably doubtful. 

Scenario: The father of the groom is having some stomach issues from the coffee he drank this morning.
What's in Our E-Kit: From Tums to Pepcid, to Rolaids and Pepto, we have them all on hand so the father of the groom can take his pick of which works best for him. 

Scenario: The bride's gorgeous new shoes haven't been broken in and she's getting blisters on her feet. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We will help clean them off, put some Neosporin on them and cover them up with band-aids to get her back to enjoying her day. 

Scenario: The Maid of Honor's contacts are acting up and she doesn't have any solution.
What's in Our E-Kit: We have Visine, contact solution, and a case if she needs to take her contacts out. 

Scenario: It's that time of the month for one of the bridesmaids and they weren't expecting it. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We've got tampons, panty liners, and Midol so it doesn't stop her from enjoying the day. 

Scenario: One of the guests pops an appetizer in their mouth and only after the fact, realizes that it included something they were allergic to. 
What's in Our E-Kit: If it's a mild allergy, we have Benadryl on hand for a quick fix, but if things get serious, we also carry an Epi-Pen. 

While Getting Ready
Scenario: The bride has buttons going up the back of her dress and no one has fingers tiny enough to latch them all. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We have a latch hook to help get each of the tiny latches in a breeze. 

Scenario: Before the bridesmaids walk out of the hotel room and head downstairs for photos, their black dresses have collected lint and the silk fabric is causing a static party under the dress. Not to mention their strapless dress wont' stay up. 
What's in Our E-Kit: Don't worry, we have lint rollers and static guard ready to go and have a full stash of safety pins and fashion tape to hold their dresses up. 

Scenario: The bride jumps in the limo on the way to the church and while getting out, black grease smudged on the bottom of her dress. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We reach for our Tide To Go Pen, Shout Wipes, and other stain removers to take care of that stain fast. If the stain doesn't come out, we rub white chalk on her dress to help blend in and cover up the stain. 

Scenario: One of the groomsmen goes to put his jacket on and the button pops off. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We have a sewing on hand and have been known to replace a few buttons or sew ripped dresses before. 

Scenario: The groom's boutonniere keeps falling apart and the florist didn't provide a backup. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We carry floral tape, floral wire, and corsage pins, so we can make a new boutonniere for the groom in no time. 

Scenario: The bride is admittedly a crier and so is her mother. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We are stocked with tissues and will always have them on hand throughout the day for the first look, the ceremony, and at the reception during all the great toasts and speeches where there won't be a dry eye in the house. 

Scenario: The bride's nerves have been on high all day and she realizes she hasn't even eaten yet. 
What's in Our E-Kit: The ultimate life saver, granola bars, are stocked in our E-Kit. 

Scenario: It's a windy day and the girls' hair just isn't holding up while taking photos outside. 
What's in Our E-Kit: Our hair products include all the basics like bobby pins, hairspray, a brush, comb, and mirror so we can freshen up their hair before they walk down the aisle. 

Scenario: It turned out to be a 90 degree day in May, but you were forecasted to be in the 70s. 
What's in Our E-Kit: Our brides may need a little suncreen, a fresh coat of deodorant, and even some oil absorbing sheets to blot their face. 

Scenario: The mother of the groom's false eyelashes are starting to fall off!
What's in Our E-Kit: Don't worry, we have eyelash glue on hand. 

At the Ceremony
Scenario: As we start getting the outdoor ceremony space set-up, the wind starts picking up and the aisle runner, aisle markers, and other decor just aren't staying put. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We have a full stock of every kind of tape, adhesive putty, ribbon, glue dots, and more. 

Scenario: The best man was given the task of taking care of the rings. But, when moving from the hotel to the church, the best man forgot to bring them!
What's in Our E-Kit: We always keep two fake rings on hand just in case! No one will be able to see the rings during the ceremony, and they will never know! These also come in handy for the ring bearer's pillow instead of leaving a 3 year old ring bearer in charge of the real rings!

At the Reception
Scenario: The mother of the bride ate too many appetizers packed full of garlic during the cocktail hour and wants to go around to greet guests. 
What's in Our E-Kit: One of our mints, breath spray, or a piece of gum should do the trick, but we've got Wisps and a full toothbrush and toothpaste on hand to make sure her breath smells minty fresh. 

Scenario: While setting up the reception room, we need a little something on the cake table and along the bars, and your bar signage just won't stand up straight. 
What's in Our E-Kit: Well it's not technically in our E-Kit, but we always have them with us: clear vases for the bride and bridesmaids bouquets so we can use them to decorate the reception room along with easels when a sign needs a little more support. 

Scenario: With over 200 votive candles and another 50 large candles throughout the room, it may take a full half hour to light all of the candles. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We always have a full stock of long lighters to make lighting candles a quick and easy. And if one of the votive candle holders is missing the candle, we have some backups. 

Scenario: They got to cut the cake, and the groom decides to smash a piece right in the bride's face. 
What's in Our E-Kit: Don't worry, we're behind you ready with a pack of wet wipes, so we can get you cleaned up and back on the dance floor. We also carry an extra cake knife set, if the couple hasn't brought their own or the venue isn't providing one. 

Scenario: This emergency kit staple can be used in almost any scenario.
What's in Our E-Kit: All throughout the day we seem to always grab our emergency kit staple: SCISSORS! Not a wedding goes by where we don't use them. 


Teaser Tuesday

What an incredible wedding day Liz and Michael had! The girls met in the morning at Bellmoor Inn in Rehoboth Beach, DE for hair by Bella Mia Hair Boutique and makeup by Make-Up and Love and then headed off to the ceremony. Though Mother Nature was being a bit indecisive, the wedding took place outside along the bay at Rehoboth Beach Country Club under just a little mist. Tracy from Bethesda Florist pulled out all the stops while decorating the ceremony and reception space. Then while guests were enjoying cocktail hour on the balcony, the father of the groom, Tony, scheduled a plane to fly by carrying a banner wishing Liz and Michael congratulations. It was a complete surprise to the newlyweds and all of their guests! After enjoying dinner the Doug Segree Band invited guests onto the dance floor for the rest of the night, only to take a short break to enjoy the cake made by family friend Dru Tevis. At the end of the night, guests jumped on the shuttles by Jolly Trolley and headed to the after party at the Greene Turtle on the boardwalk. We can't wait to see the photos from the couple's photographer, Michael Bonfigli, but until then, here are a few we got on our phones! Congratulations Liz and Michael! -Caitlin

Cake and Dessert Table Decor

Besides the sweetness of the occasion (your marriage!) the actual sweetness is the dessert! Your wedding cake and dessert table decor is a great way to continue your wedding theme and add a unique touch to your special day. 

The cake can be showcased individually on its own table for a more traditional feel. Votive candles are a great way to highlight this and add romance to this simple and elegant cake table. 
Shay and Aramis' Wedding
Photo courtesy of M2 Photography
A cake stand is also a beautiful feature to add dimension to the table. Especially if you have a classic three tiered cake, the stand offers additional height. 
Anna and Josh's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Clair Pruett Photography
Another great addition to a single display cake table is the bridesmaids' bouquets like our bride and groom, Kate and Bryan did!
Kate and Bryan's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jenn Woodruff Photography
To combine your cake table and dessert table also offers additional decor. Offering an array of sweets on one table creates a plethora of options for your guests. 
Adding family mementos to your cake or dessert table is a great way to be unique and personal as a couple. You can use images from your parents' and grandparents' weddings, baby pictures of you and your spouse, or pictures of your pet!
Utilizing a different style table also adds an especially unique feel. Consider a vintage dresser or a tea cart. 
Your new monogram or your last initial are also a simple and great touch to a dessert table!
Dessert and cake tables are a great place to be as simple or elaborate as you wish to be. The smallest details can make all the difference, and a decorated dessert display will make your special day even sweeter.


How to Budget for Your Wedding

Everyone had big elaborate plans for their dream wedding day, however, all those details can add up from a financial standpoint. Here's our advice on budgeting for your wedding and ensuring you execute your big event without going broke. 

Setting Your Total Budget
  1. Discuss who will be contributing- Have either of your parents' offered to help? Will you and your fiance be splitting the tab? Make sure you have an open conversation with your fiance and your families, and be clear on amounts to be contributed. Remember that money from family sometimes comes with strings attached- parents can invite their friends or feel entitled to choose your wedding dress, for example. Make sure you emphasize that it is your wedding and that while you appreciate their financial contributions, you would like to have final say in all decisions. Setting expectations early on can avoid disagreement and heartache later.
  2. Decide on total amount- Once you have an idea of who will be contributing and how much you and your fiance are able to spend, you can develop a total budget. Total wedding budgets can vary tremendously based on location, number of guests, and bride & groom lifestyles. Some couples can execute their dream wedding with only a few thousand dollars and others spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. The last thing you want to be doing right after you get married is digging yourself out of debt, so remember to only spend what you feel comfortable you can afford and pay off. 

Allocating Budget by Category
  1. Draft your guest list- Since many costs are dependent on the number of attendees, such as food/beverage costs and number of centerpieces, it is important to have an idea of how many people you plan to invite. 
  2. Research vendors and get estimates- Getting estimates for what you are looking for in your local area is critical. You may not have a realistic idea of the average cost of a photographer or flowers until you ask around. 
  3. Compile estimates to form your detailed budget- It is best practice to get several estimates from each type of vendor so that you can compare their services and price shop. Once you select a vendor, keep an ongoing list of total wedding estimates by category. We suggest using software like Excel so that you can keep the estimates organized as well as easily calculate differences between vendors. 
  4. Use this guide for a breakdown of budget by category:

Pie Chart created by Christie
Tracking Your Actual Expenses
  1. Analyze budget vs. actuals- Once you decide on vendors and finalize the cost of their services, it is important to keep track of actual expenses for each category and compare to your initial budget. Calculate any variances so that if you wind up spending more in one category, you can utilize excess from another category or cut back elsewhere.

  1. Calculate total spend- Once you have contracted with all of your vendors and know exactly how much each will cost, calculate total spend and ensure that it is within your original budgeted amount. 
No matter what, enjoy the wedding planning process knowing that you have made one of the first important financial decisions together as a couple!