Wedding Registry Tips

Every couple has different tastes so when it comes to registering for their wedding, each registry will vary. It will all depend on the different life stages the couple is in. So below are some general tips that may be helpful when registering for your wedding!

  • Try to pick places that can be accessed in person by your guests. Some people like to see things in person, instead of ordering online. 
  • Register for big ticket items as well as small ticket items. People like options and not everyone has the same budget so having big and small items, as well as, everything in the middle is helpful. 
  • Try to find registries that offer a completion discount. For example: Williams Sonoma Inc. offers a 10% off discount for registry completion for 6 months and includes non-registry items. You want to try to find these kinds of deals because you may have some items left on your registry that you'll want to purchase after the wedding is over. 
  • Take into consideration the time of year you start your registry. If you start your registry in December but you're not getting married until June, there may be some seasonal items that they won't carry in the April through June time. 
  • Check your registry often to keep it updated. Guests don't like not having a lot of choices, so make sure to keep giving your guests options.
  • You'll want to start your registry 6 months out giving you time to add and remove items.
  • Plan to register at multiple places. Again, people like choices. 
  • Even though you may think the gift is too expensive, if its something you'll put to use, put it on there anyway, because you never know! 
  • Have fun with it! It doesn't have to be a stressful time, try to not overwhelm yourself. You don't have to get it done all in one day, take several trips.
  • There are some travel agencies that offer honeymoon registries. Basically, you register for things you'd like to do while on your honeymoon and guests can help you pay for those activities.
Below is a listing of common items couples register for:
  • Cookware sets (individual pieces of cookware)
  • Electrics/appliances for the kitchen
  • Cutlery (includes place settings and knife sets)
  • Bath towels and accessories
  • Organization and cleaning supplies
  • Kitchen towels
  • Toasting flutes/cake serving sets
  • Glassware (includes beverage and wine glasses)
  • Bakeware 
  • Everyday dinnerware
  • China
  • Some fun gadgets for the groom (i.e. TV's, game systems or other electronics)
  • Furniture
  • Accessories for the home (i.e. wall art, candles, table decor)
  • Cook books
Need some suggestions of where to make your registries? Here's a small list of some great places:
Remember to make registering fun, and not overwhelm yourself with all of the different brands and stores out there. And start early! That way you won't be overwhelmed when the bridal shower(s) and wedding date get closer. 


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Suzanne said...

My husband and I registered with They have lower fees and prettier registry sites than the other honeymoon registries we checked out. Our guests loved it!