Alternatives to Floral Centerpieces

When it comes to choosing centerpieces for your reception, there are a number of things to consider- your budget, theme and color palettes, time of year, the look and feel you want to achieve, etc. Although floral centerpieces tend to be the norm, if that's not something you want, don't worry, you can still have beautiful centerpieces that complement your reception. 

Candles are a nice option. They can be very budget friendly and there are a number of different ways to use them. A very simple, but elegant option is to float a few candles in a shallow bowl of water- for a little something extra, add some river rocks or colored marbles/gems to the bottom of the bowl. Or you can cluster a few vases and float once candle in each, making your centerpiece a bit larger and more substantial on the table. You can also bring it out out a bit more by surrounding the vases with some votives. For a twist  on this, lanterns are always nice as well. 
Monica and Dennis' Wedding
Photo courtesy of Candid Moments Photography
Sarah and Chris' Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jubilee Weddings
If you want a bit more impact, take candles of different sizes and heights and use them to make an arrangement. They don't have to "match". In fact, an assortment of shapes and sizes will add depth and interest to the look of the table. But, if you want a more uniform approach to the candles, consider using an assortment of candleholders for impact.
Jessica and John's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Cliff Mautner
Melissa and Carl's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography
Pam and Scott's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Studio K
For a Spring or Fall wedding, I think branches are a wonderful centerpiece option. Like candles, there are a number of different ways to use them. For the spring you could use flowering branches to add a little bit of color and show off the beauty of the season. But, if you want to stay away from flowers altogether, use natural branches, Manzanita and curly willow are great options, and "plant" them in a pot or use a cool vase to show them off. To anchor them, you could also fill the vase or container with rocks, marbles or even moss. You can also hang votive candles and/or beaded garlands for some extra impact. For a fall wedding, consider adding leaves to your branches and "planting" them in a vintage crate- you could even surround the base with some small pumpkins, scattered leaves and votives. 
Jennifer and Eddy's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Justin & Mary Photography
Brooke and Sean's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Brenda Carpenter Photography
When it comes to non-floral centerpieces, it never hurts to think outside of the box! Fruit can also make for a very interesting option. Different colored apples in vases varying in size could make a wonderful centerpiece. Or perhaps a low bowl filled with brightly colored fruits, perfect for a summer wedding.
For a fall wedding, there are so many beautiful options. You can do an arrangement of pumpkins and gourds on a cake stand or in a low bowl or vase. You could also do a couple small bales of hay and incorporate some leaves, pumpkins or gourds. Wheat and other grains could make a perfect fall inspired centerpiece.
For a summer, beach or destination wedding, it is always fun to incorporate shells, starfish, sand dollars and other staples of the beach. Consider vases filled with sand and topped with a floating candle. Or a cake stand with an arrangement or different sized shells. 
For a winter wedding, or even a more formal reception, filling different sized vases or containers with glass balls, ornaments or beads can be very dramatic. You can even top a few with a floating candle and add votives around the cluster of vases for a bigger impact. This way you can play up your color palette and add to the overall look and feel of your reception.
The sky really is the limit when it comes to the centerpieces for your reception. Regardless of your budget, the time of year and your color palette, you can have incredible centerpieces that are a perfect fit for the vision of your wedding!


Devon and John's Wedding

Devon and John were married at the end of August on the same day that Hurricane Irene landed here in Philadelphia. A great group of professionals were hired for their wedding day and we made sure that even with the dark skies, rain and wind outside, their wedding day would still be absolutely perfect! Devon and her bridesmaids got ready at the Sheraton Society Hill and had their hair done by Hair by Natalie and makeup done by Emily from Cheekadee. The girls' hair and makeup stayed in place all night, even with the weather that was going on outside! Their traditional catholic ceremony at Old St. Joe's was co-officiated by a Rabbi to bring in some of John's Jewish heritage. When the ceremony was over, guests headed over to the Atrium at the Curtis Center to enjoy a wonderful cocktail hour. To add some fun to bridal party pictures, Devon got some brightly colored umbrellas and even wore her wellies! We created their stationery to match their aqua and green color scheme and added touches of damask. Since the couple met in Venice while studying abroad, they decided to name all of their tables after their favorite places there! The table numbers and other signage we created for their reception complemented the beautiful centerpieces made by Petals Lane. Cescaphe did a phenomenal job with the menu and made sure that all of the guests had more than enough of their delicious food! EBE Rio got the guests on the dance floor and kept them moving all night and Martin's Video was on hand to capture all the fun. Thank you to Michael's Photography for sending us the images you'll see below!

Congratulations Devon and John!

Denise and Matt's Irish Invitations

Both coming from Irish backgrounds, Denise and Matt decided on an Irish themed pocketfold in a shimmery botanic green with a sparkling sapphire backing layer. The sapphire color was also carried over into their monogram, belly band and invitation face. For their pocket cards they choose to have four cards including directions, accommodations, reception information and the RSVP card. With a love for peacocks and their Irish heritage, their invitation face includes a symmetrical design that feature a unique take on the traditional Claddagh with a peacock on each side. A great invitation for an Irish couple who were married on St. Patrick's Day!

Inspired Ideas {Stripes}

Multicolored or black and white, thick or thin, horizontal or vertical- take your pick. Stripes can do it all. They are one of those patterns that somehow manages to complement classic and sophisticated affairs just as well as playful and modern ones. No matter what your style is, stripes can add the perfect touch of flair to so many aspects of your wedding.

Let's start by taking a look at wedding day attire. While wearing stripes down the aisle might sound a little unusual to some brides, there are many gorgeous gowns out there that feature them in beautiful ways. Subtle white bands, embellishments such as piping and pin tucks, or even tiered layers create the illusion of stripes without color.
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Bridesmaids' dresses, on the other hand, often use color in their patterns. Depending on the overall look and feel of your wedding, your bridal party can opt for bold bands of color or elegant and understated striped accents.
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Every girl needs a few good accessories. Sticking to key pieces like a simple necklace or a colorfully striped clutch will enhance your ensemble without overwhelming it.
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Step up your look with the perfect shoes. They come in virtually every style and color scheme. Stripes can be featured on a single detail like a bow or heel or they can cover the entire shoe.
Left image source; middle image source; right image source
Get the guys in on the action as well. Pinstripe suits are sleek and stylish, while seersucker provides a preppy look that's perfect for spring. 
Left image source; right image source
Striped ties or socks can really complete the look. Other accessories like striped pocket squares or cufflinks are excellent ideas as well. 
Left image source; right image source
Now that you've thought about the wedding day wardrobe, it's time to focus on the details and decor. Invitations are a fantastic way to get your guests excited for your wedding day. Include stripes in your suite with elements such as backing paper, belly bands, wrap-around labels or envelope liners. Or tie everything together with a bit of striped twine.
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Paper can be used for so much more than just invitations and it's an incredibly easy way to showcase stripes. You can use it for everything from table numbers and signage down to luminaries or even straws for your signature drink.
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Ribbons are another great detail that can help incorporate stripes into your day. They are a wonderful addition to just about anything, whether it's stationery and program baskets or favor boxes and bags. The ribbons themselves don't all have to be striped. A mix of solid and patterned ones can be pieced together to create striped bands for projects such as photo booth backdrops or place card displays.
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They can also really enhance your floral decor. Wrap ribbons around bouquets and vases or attach them to boutonnieres. 
Left image source; right image source
Table design is such an important part of reception decor. One of the simplest ways to add stripes to your tables is through linens. Decide just how much striped detail you'd like to include and choose between tablecloths, runners or napkins for a variety of unique looks.
Left image source; middle image source; right image source
And don't forget about the chairs. Make your sweetheart table stand out with colorful chair signs like the ones shown below. Seat everyone in stylish chivaris with striped cushions or spruce up chairs with decorative sashes. 
Left image source; middle image source; right image source
And finally, fill your guests up with some inspired dishes and desserts. Consider starting dinner off with this uniquely patterned pasta. Layer sweet or savory foods in shot glasses to create a striped look. Then finish the night up with a wedding cake that shows off your love of stripes.
Left image source; middle image source; right image source
No matter what colors you choose or what details you highlight, a striped wedding is bound to be beautiful and fun!