Featured Bride Friday

This week's featured bride is Pamela, who is getting married to Scott in just about a week!! Read on below to find out more about their wedding!

Names of Bride and Groom: Pam and Scott

Wedding Date: August 20th, 2011

Ceremony and Reception Location: The Please Touch Museum

How did you and your fiance meet?: Scott and I met in April of 2008. Unbeknownst to me, a mutual friend thought we would make a great match and suggested to Scott that he go to a party she thought I might be. Scott showed up, I was there, and the rest is history!

Tell us about the proposal: Scott proposed on August 7, 2010, which was our first day on a cruise with my family. We were at dinner when Scott said he didn't feel well and was going back to our cabin for a bit. However, before he left, he asked me to check on him if he didn't return soon. About 15 minutes later, I went back to the cabin to see whether he was ok. When the door opened, I saw our cabin filled with roses and Scott down on one knee...

What is the overall theme of your wedding?: While our wedding doesn't necessarily have an overall theme, we hope it will be classic, elegant, and a great party!

What has been your favorite part of planning?: It's been fun to see everything come together. 

What has been your fiance's favorite part of planning?: Anything involving the food or entertainment. 

What are you looking forward to most on the wedding day?: Marrying Scott while surrounded by family and friends.

What is your fiance looking forward to on the wedding day?: Seeing me!

Which vendor has been your favorite to work with?: Kelley and Bill at The Please Touch Museum have been phenomenal. Also, Erin and her team at Proud to Plan have done a fantastic job of putting my mind at ease. 

What makes your wedding unique from all the others?: I think our venue is pretty unique. Memorial Hall, which has been renovated to house The Please Touch Museum, is the only remaining structure from the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 (i.e. the first major world's fair held in the United States).

Give three words to describe what you imagine you'll feel like the day AFTER the wedding: on-cloud-nine

Where will you be spending your honeymoon?: Australia and Fiji

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