Different Types of Card Boxes and Card Catchers

It’s an unfortunate truth, but it has been seen many times before: wedding gifts and cards being stolen by a guest or staff at the wedding. To save yourself the headache and worry, card catchers or boxes are a simple solution! Although there are many card catchers you can purchase online, card catchers are one of the many easy DIY wedding projects you can do yourself! So roll your sleeves up, get out the glue and try your hand at a few of these card catcher ideas. 

Tiered Boxes 
With a few cardboard boxes, some fabric and decorative ribbon, you can create this tiered box look. Go above and beyond and try to match the look of this card catcher with the style and design of your wedding cake. Just remember to make a hole for the cards to slide into.
Tiered card box from Kaleigh and Katelyn's Sweet 16
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Stacey and Justin's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Sofia Negron Photography
Bird Cage 
If you are going for a more elegant or vintage look, bird cage card catchers might be the perfect accent to your gift table. Purchase a bird cage online or at a craft store and add ribbon and even a ‘card’ sign so guests know exactly where the cards should go.
Rachel and Matt's wedding
Photo courtesy of Ethan Yang Photography
Mia and Wyatt's wedding
Photo courtesy of Vantage Pictures
Your guests will be sure to know where to put the cards when you have a mailbox as a card catcher. Keep it simple or doll it up – or even use a real mailbox that can later be used for your first home.
Image found through Google
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Picture Card Box 
Picture card boxes are easily made out of four framed photographs. Use a lazy susan or revolving mechanism to allow guests to rotate the box to see all four photos. Feature your engagement photos or your parents’ weddings photos for an added vintage touch.
Our black frame card box at Angela and Matthew's wedding
Photo courtesy of Dollface Studios
Our gold frame card box at Kirsten and Matt's wedding
Photo courtesy of Misty Dawn Photography
Our silver frame card box at Devon and Mike's wedding (coming soon)
Photo courtesy of Ryan Estes Photography
Old suitcases or vintage luggage also make a great statement as card catchers. The large space and open access allows guests to easily place any size envelope into the suitcase, but also doesn’t allow for as much protection. The good thing, easy cleanup at the end of the night! Simply shut the box and you can easily take it home or up to your suite.
Casey and Will's wedding
Photo courtesy of 217 Photography
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Other Simple Ideas Check out these three ideas too. A simple wooden box, log card catcher and a dollhouse replicating your home.
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