Why Lighting is Essential

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a number of must buy items or must book professionals.  You need a location to get married, you need someone to marry you, you need something to get married in, you need something beautiful to carry on your way down the aisle, you need witnesses – so you need invitations so they know when to show up, you also need food to feed your guests and music to entertain them. You need a photographer to capture the look on your grooms face the first time he sees you, that perfect first kiss and the rest of your big day.  You may choose to have a videographer as well – someone to capture your special day in its entirety – from the moment you step into your dress, to the moment you say I do, to the moment Aunt Sally tears it up on the dance floor.  Plus, the ever-important wedding planner or day of coordinator to make sure everything I mentioned above goes according to plan. 

There is another “necessity” that some people still overlook.  You can have the perfect venue, the most beautiful dress, the most handsome groom, but what good are they if no one can see them?  Good lighting is essential.  Not just so that every detail you spent years perfecting can be seen, but also so that you can recount your perfect day, down to every detail, through your pictures. 

I spoke to Jason Weldon of Synergetic Sound and Lighting to get an insiders viewpoint on lighting.  He said, “Lighting is a part of the design that brings out the room, shows off your style and creates a feel. It is essential to the full effect!” 

There are a lot of options when it comes to lighting for your wedding.  You can do something as simple as up lighting (wall washing) - this is when a number of fixtures are placed around the perimeter of the ballroom washing the wall in the color(s) of your choice.  It is a great way to continue your color scheme, add some warmth to the room and set your space apart.  When asked about it, Jason said, “Up lighting is the most affordable option. It will give you the most wow for the least amount of money.”
Erin and Rob's wedding
Photo courtesy of Joe Capasso Photography
Bev and Chuck's wedding
Photo courtesy of Lindsay Docherty Photography
Another option is a dance floor wash or break up patterns.  This is a great way to bring your dance floor to life.  You can continue your color scheme here as well, you can also choose a wash or pattern to go with your theme.
Vicki and Brad's wedding
Photo courtesy of Shooting Stars Photography
Mary Lee and Lenny's wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography
Monograms are another option, and they look fantastic in pictures.  You have a lot of choices when it comes to what to include here, you can do something as simple as your initials, or as complex as your names with your last initial and the date.
Ginny and Keith's wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography
Nicole and Ronald's wedding
Photo courtesy of Faith West Photography
You can also pinspot your centerpieces – you spend so much time and money coming up with the perfect centerpiece, why not make sure they’re seen?  There is also intelligent lighting, which gives you the most control over your lighting choices throughout the whole night.
Pinspotting at a wedding done by Synergetic
Photo courtesy of Joy Moody Photography
According to Jason, “[Lighting] is not for everyone, because it isn’t cheap. But then again sometimes things that are worth it aren’t cheap. Lighting design is something that not everyone can have! It sets you apart from other weddings. It is a want, and if you can afford it, it truly makes the room stand out.”


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