Stephanie and Tom's Wedding

Last June, on a super warm but beautiful day, Stephanie and Tom exchanged vows in front of family and friends in a traditional Protestant ceremony. Before heading to the church, Stephanie and her bridesmaids spent the morning getting pretty at the salon- and they looked lovely! The bride wore a lace A-line gown and topped off her look with a stunning veil that was embellished with matching lace. The bridesmaids wore short emerald green dresses in a pretty chiffon fabric, perfect for the warm weather. The bouquets really popped against the girls' dresses! To match the couple's colorful color scheme, the white tent was decorated with paper lanterns in yellow, orange, and pink. Tables were topped with modern grey trellis runners and bud vases of brightly colored flowers were placed on top! We loved the amount of color that they used and so did their guests! An "In Memory" table was set up in the tent which is another great personal touch that guests enjoy seeing. After a delicious dinner, guests got up out of their seats and cut loose on the dance floor. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves! Their adorable pink ombre cake that was topped with a cute pair of birds, was a hit with everyone and featured a single pink gerber daisy, pulling in the color from the rest of the wedding! Such a great wedding with a couple who are truly in love. 

Congratulations Stephanie and Tom!

Reception: Blue Ball Barn
Photography: Langdon Photography
Florist: Belak Florist
Hair and Makeup: Salon Pasca
Coordinators: Caitlin, Gina, and Stephanie

Late Night Snack Featured Vendor: Insomnia Cookies

One of the most popular trends we have been seeing lately is serving late-night snacks at weddings. Laura recently did a blog post on Midnight Snacks. She gave sweet and savory ideas to serve your guests at the end of the night. After hours of dancing and celebrating, everyone enjoys a treat!
We recently did a wedding that featured the most delicious cookies as a late night snack. Who doesn't like a warm baked cookie?!? Enter Insomnia Cookies!! Insomnia Cookies has multiple locations in the Philadelphia area and many more throughout the country. They deliver late night to satisfy your craving of a fresh warm cookie right out of the oven. 

Insomnia Cookies offers a variety of flavors including Double Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Macadamia, Double Chocolate Mint, Sugar, M&M's, S'mores Deluxe and many more. My personal favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup cookie. It's ooey gooey deliciousness!
If you are thinking of adding a late-night snack to your wedding, check out Insomnia Cookies! They will deliver the warm cookies right to the reception. They offer great deals for large orders and can even individually wrap each cookie for your guests to take on the go. The customer service reps are friendly and super helpful in customizing the right package for your event- don't forget the milk!

Hopefully you will enjoy a warm fresh baked Insomnia Cookie at your next wedding!


We made a list of the top RSVP questions we get asked, and answered all of them right here for you. Whether it's deciding when to set the RSVP deadline or how to handle a late RSVP, this quick Q&A has all the answers you need!

Q: When should the RSVP deadline be? 
A: You should send your invitations out to all of your guests between 6 and 8 weeks before your wedding with an RSVP date 4 weeks or one month before before your wedding day. Usually caterers want a final head count 1-2 weeks before the event, so that you can finalize all of your guests' responses, call those who may not have responded, and create table assignments to give to your caterer. 
Q: What is the easiest way to track RSVPs?
A: Back in the day, pen and paper were the only way, then we moved on to the infamous Excel spreadsheets. You can combine the invitation spreadsheet with the RSVP one and also use this list to create your seating chart as well. Include the guest's name, address, phone number, response, meal request, and whether or not they have a plus one. You may also want to get an index card holder to keep all of the response cards in as you receive them. It's an easy way to keep them organized and all in one place. Divide the box up into a yes section and a no section and organize them alphabetically by last name. Don't feel like you have to update your RSVPs every day as you receive them, it may begin to feel like a tedious task. Instead, choose certain days to sit down and go through them- it may make it more exciting to see who is coming all at once!

Q: Is it acceptable to send online invitations and RSVPs? 
A: Things are definitely changing and we are seeing more brides go paperless when it comes to their wedding invitations and RSVPs. Not only does it save on the money you would you would spend on invitations, envelopes, postage, etc., it also makes it easier for both you and your guests. As a guest, you receive the invitation, have to write in your reply, and then make a trip to the post office or mailbox to drop it off. Receiving an invitation and replying right online can knock one more thing easily off your guests list and off yours because you won't have to input their responses into a spreadsheet. Many brides worry that going paperless might come off as cheap, but it can also come off as modern and efficient. One thing to also remember is that many online wedding invitation sites will still send you a hard copy of the invitation as a keepsake so you can still have that traditional invitation to hold on to. 
Q: What if some of the guests haven't responded by the RSVP deadline?
A: If some guests haven't responded by the RSVP due date, it is more than acceptable to call to give them a reminder. Make it clear that you just wanted to assure they received your invitation in the first place and check to see if they just forgot. If they haven't responded because they can't attend, you can explain that you would just like to know if they are going to attend so you can solidify the guest count. Try to receive an answer from them while on the phone and have them follow up with the hard copy RSVP.

Q: What if a guest responds but there is no name or the name isn't legible?
A: Sure, after you get all of your RSVPs back you can start to track down who those illegible cards must be from, but to save yourself the time and wait, you should always number each of your RSVP cards before sending them out and then number your invite list to match. This will make it really easy when you receive a card with no name. Aren't sure where to number your response cards without it sticking out? You could even invest in an invisible ink pen to number each of them without guests even knowing!
Q: What if a guest responds with a plus one that wasn't invited? 
A: Although you never want to hurt the feelings of friends or family, you also need to understand that this is your wedding and you are the one who is also paying for the guests to be there. If you do not have the extra budget for your five friends inviting a guest, then it's okay to notify them and just be honest about the situation. Your friends and family should understand, especially if you are trying to keep the event to a small, more intimate occasion. If however, you realize that most of your other friends or family are in relationships and their significant other was invited and you have one or two friends who you are inviting stag, you should consider extending a plus one to them or overlooking it if they reply with one. What is easiest is to keep it fair though, if one friend not in a relationship gets a plus one and another doesn't, you need to have an explanation. 

Q: What if a guest RSVPs past the deadline or even the week of the wedding?
A: A deadline is set for a reason and most people understand that when it comes to weddings, it's really important to RSVP on time, this isn't deciding whether or not to come over on Saturday for dinner, there's much more to it than that. Once you review all the guests that haven't RSVP'ed by the deadline and called them to remind them, you might get a few last RSVPs. If however, someone changes their mind or you can't get in touch with them and they try to RSVP within 1-2 weeks of the wedding, you have every right to decline their RSVP. If it will add extra stress to you, then you can be clear to the guest that the deadline has passed. 

Lauren and Demetri's Wedding

Lauren and Demetri were married last June in a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony in front of their loving family and friends. Lauren and her bridesmaids spent the morning in a suite at the Hotel du Pont being pampered with hair and makeup before getting dressed for the big day. The bridesmaids wore lovely floor length navy blue dresses to match the color scheme of the wedding. Lauren's dress was a gorgeous ivory Enzoani ballgown that fit her like a glove and she couldn't have looked more stunning! The couple saw each other for the first time as Lauren walked down the aisle and after being pronounced husband and wife, they headed to Gilbraltar Gardens for photos with their bridal party. While they were out for their photos, we were making this amazing wedding come to life! The wedding had a classic elegance feeling to it and we had a lot of fun adding in some really great details. Beautiful navy linens were placed on the guest tables and to make their sweetheart table stand out, they chose a gorgeous textured ivory linen. The couple's florist, Meg from Sweet Peas, did an incredible job matching the color scheme with purple, blue, pink, and green flowers on the tables! After guests enjoyed their dinners, they headed out to the dance floor for some dancing. As a favor to their guests, the couple chose to have a candy buffet, which is always a huge hit with everyone!

Congratulations Lauren and Demetri!

Ceremony: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Reception: Hotel du Pont
Photography: Black Rabbit Studios
Videography: Authentic Videos
Entertainment: Silver Sound DJs
Florist: Sweet Peas of Jennersville
Coordinators: Erin, Stephanie, and Sarah