Types of Wedding Programs

Kristin and Michael's programs
Photo courtesy of Barnyard Photography
When it comes to deciding on programs for your wedding ceremony, there are a number of things to consider- how much information you have to share, the time of year, your overall theme/style, etc. If you're having an outdoor ceremony in the summer, a fan program would fit wonderfully, but if you're planning a long ceremony with a large bridal party, you may not have enough room to fit all of the information- so in that case you might want to do a traditional booklet program and set a basket of fans next to it, your guests will thank you. 
Casey and Will's fan programs
Photo courtesy of 217 Photography
You can do a simple one page program like this one below. It tells guests what they need to know in a simple and compact way. 
Rebecca and Jesse's programs
Photo courtesy of Hoffer Photography
There are also lots of variations on traditional programs. Instead of a rectangular one try a square one.
Lauren and Ed's programs
Photo courtesy of Barton Paul Photography
You can carry your color scheme over to your programs and make them as simple or customized as you'd like. Here are two rectangular booklets. This one is upgraded to a cardstock cover with the monogram on the outside.
Kyle and Olin's programs
Photo courtesy of Philip Gabriel Photography
Same as above but this one is a bit simpler and does not have a cover.
Bev and Chuck's programs
Photo courtesy of Lindsay Docherty Photography
One of my favorite types right now is a vertical, layered program, bound at the top. Each layer is longer than the one above it, so your guests can easily flip through. And you can even label each page on the bottom so guests know what information they're flipping to. 
Christina and John's layered programs...coming soon!
Photo courtesy of Artistic Imagery
Regardless of what style you choose, be sure to to share all of the important information- who's who in the bridal party, breakdown of the ceremony, any prayers you'd like to share, etc. I also think it's nice to include a thank you to your family and guests, as well as an acknowledgment of loved ones who are no longer with you.


All of these programs were created by Paper by Proud. If you have the need for programs or any other stationery, contact us!

Pam and Scott's Wedding

Here is another beautiful August wedding we coordinated. Pam and Scott held their classic and elegant wedding at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. It is such a fun and interesting venue and one that their guests will surely not forget! After their traditional Jewish ceremony, their guests enjoyed a delicious cocktail hour menu created by Max and Me Catering, now known as Brulee Catering. The ballroom looked amazing with each table decorated with candles in gold stands on top of cream pintuck linens. We created their day of stationery suite; table numbers, place cards and menus, that were also cream and gold. Pam's bouquet, created by Beautiful Blooms, was full of ivory and cream flowers, it was simple and stunning. The newlyweds cut into their 4 tier cake that was made by Isgro's Bakery. EBE's Milan 77 had all of the guests on the dance floor the entire night and Video by Louis Anthony was on hand to capture all of the fun. Pam and Scott really took advantage of all of the great photo ops within the Museum and Studio K sent us these wonderful images to show all of you!

Congratulations Pam and Scott!

Thank You Note Etiquette

The wedding is over, you enjoyed your honeymoon, everything's over...or is it? Did you send your thank you notes yet? Think of it as your final wedding responsibility on your wedding checklist. The thank you note may seem daunting but it is one of the most important details because it shows your appreciation to your guests for sharing in your special day. You may have said "Thank you" to each guest during your reception or spoke to them on your phone prior. However, this is not a substitute for a formal thank you note for a wedding gift. You must send a thank you card with a handwritten note for each gift received. This also applies to guests who helped with your wedding or who were in your wedding. It may seem like this inevitable task that is going to take forever, but if you break it down over a few days, they will be in the mail and you can enjoy newlywed life!

Here are a few guidelines for writing your Thank You Notes:

Time Period
You may have heard that you have up to one year to send your thank you notes. This is actually not true! It is proper etiquette to send them within three months of your wedding. However, if your three months have come and gone and you still have not sent them, you still have to send them. Better late than never! If you receive gifts prior to the wedding, you should send a thank you note immediately. This ensures to the guest that you received the gift and it was not lost in shipment. Plus, this helps you in the long run and gets a few out of the way early. NOTE: Bridal shower thank you notes should be sent within two weeks of the shower.
When writing your thank you notes, keep these tips in mind:
-You should include a few lines referring to the gift that you received. For example, "Thank you for the china setting you gave us, we can't wait to use them for Thanksgiving dinner next year. We will think of you every time you we use our new dishes."
-For monetary gifts, do not mention the amount. Refer to it as "your generous gift" and tell them how you plan to use the money. For example, "Thank you for your generous gift, we plan to use your gift towards a down payment for our first home. It is much appreciated."
-Never mention that the gift was returned! It's the thought that counts. 
-Thank guests who traveled to your wedding. "For example, "It meant a lot to us that you traveled so far to attend our wedding."
-Along with thanking guests for the gift, be sure to thank the guest for coming to the wedding. It lets them know they weren't invited just for a gift. 
-If the guest did not give a gift, it is still important to send a thank you card. Be gracious, and let them know that you were happy that they were able to share in your big day. 
Addressing & Sending
When addressing the envelope, you should use "Mr and Mrs." However, inside of the card, you can use the guest's first names if they are well known to you. Be sure to address each individual who attended and signed the gift's card. It is appropriate to always handwrite the address, however, it is okay to have your return address pre-printed or use a label.
Types of Thank You Notes/Cards
There are many types of thank you notes that you can use. Many printers offer thank you notes with the same design as your wedding invitation or your monogram. Sometimes photographers offer thank you notes with a wedding photo on the front. Many of these options offer a pre-printed "thank you" inside of the card. This is fine, however, you must write a handwritten personalized note as well. "Thank you for the gift" is simply not enough! So remember, no pre-printed thank you card without a personal note is acceptable!
Some other things to remember:
-Always send bridal shower thank you notes separate from wedding thank you cards. Two separate events/gifts, two separate thank you cards.
-If a group of guests gives you a gift, it is appropriate to send each person an individualized thank you note. Never send a group note.
-It's nice to send a thank you note to your vendors. They helped make your day special and if you feel they provided exceptional service, you should recognize them for it. They enjoy receiving thank you notes that they can show as testimonials. 
-Be sure to send a thank you note to family and friends who arranged showers and parties. It is nice to thank them for doing this. It is expectable to thank them in the same card you send thanking them for the gift.
-This may seem like a silly point but use blue or black ink when writing out your thank you notes. It's easier to read!


These are just a few Thank You Cards that we have created! Check out Paper by Proud for some ideas and keep us in mind when you are thanking about your thank you cards.

Teaser Tuesday

On Friday, we had our last wedding of the 2011 season and it was super romantic from beginning to end!

Megan and Andrew's guests participated in a beautiful candlelit ceremony in the Conservatory at Glen Foerd Mansion, then enjoyed a delicious dinner service by Conroy Catering. Everyone moved back into the Conservatory to dance the rest of the night away to tunes spun by Matt Bowyer of Synergetic Sound and Lighting. Synergetic also provided the gorgeous ceremony and reception lighting which went perfectly with the florals by Nature's Gallery. The bride and Groom completed their night with a sparkler sendoff as they kissed under the stars. My favorite part of the day was watching the sweet "First Look" they shared, which was arranged by the amazing Tony and Amy at Hoffer Photography! They are an awesome team to work with- just look at these images!! Thanks to all involved and congrats to Megan and Andrew!

Laura and Jack's Wedding

Laura and Jack were married in July at the beautiful Laurita Winery in New Egypt, NJ. After getting ready they and their bridal party headed over to the winery for the reveal meeting. I just love Jack's facial expression when he saw Laura! So sweet! Despite the threat of rain, they were able to get some great photos on the winery's grounds. Their color scheme was blue and green and the theme was a rustic one with modern touches. In Full Bloom followed this theme with the bouquets and centerpieces. The centerpieces were clusters of flowers in mason jars and each bridesmaids bouquet was different! Laura did a great job with the fun paper items she made for the wedding. Guests found their table assignments on little pinwheels and we loved the pictures on twine that we hung on the barn doors. Conroy Catering created a delicious menu for the wedding and also made their classic looking cake that was adorned with their initials. Kyle from Synergetic Sounds got all of the guests on the dance floor and they danced the night away! Guests also were able to enjoy the photo booth set up by Wren and Field Photography. A big thank you to Emily and Cassidy of Wren and Field for sending us these stunning images!

Congratulations Laura and Jack!