Hairstyle Inspiration for Long Haired Brides

Your wedding hairstyle is an important part of your big day, complementing your dress and your theme. Having long hair gives you so many options for your big day do!

Here are some ideas for long hairstyles and some thoughts to incorporate your theme and personality into your wedding hair. 

One of my favorite weddings I have worked was for Danielle and Chris in Long Beach Island. They had a ceremony on the beach and Danielle had her hair half up, half down, fashioned with long curls. This was perfect for their outdoor beachside ceremony. 
Danielle and Chris' Wedding
Photo courtesy of Sublime Photos
When it was time for the reception, Danielle changed her hair to a beautiful up do. Taking advantage of both the long curls and a more reserved up do. 
Danielle and Chris' Wedding
Photo courtesy of Sublime Photos
Side curls are also beautiful and romantic for a wedding look and this is one of my personal favorites. 
Another perfect idea, is to incorporate part of your theme into your hairstyle. Like our bride Katie did with a flower! This adds a pop of color to your look and personally incorporates your theme. 
Katie and Jake's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Barnyard Photography
The classic French twist is also always a favorite for up do's. Here is one with a little twist and personality on it. This hairstyle goes great with a bird cage veil as well. 
If you are looking for more of an elaborate up do, try this one. Your long locks allow this beautiful hairstyle creation to be set. 
Long hair is great for up do's, but it can also create a very romantic style if left down as well. Hair accessories like clips or combs can bring out the detail in your dress with rhinestones, pearls, or lace. This is a great detail to incorporate in your hair. 

When considering leaving your hair down, think about if your hair curls easily or holds well. This may have a part in deciding on and up do instead, so you don't have to worry about losing the curls and your hair falling flat. 

A good compromise, might be like what our bride Danielle did, having two hairstyles for the day. Long flowing curls during the ceremony and a beautiful up do for the reception. (For my own dream wedding, I will be taking this approach as well). 

Also, don't forget to have a trial run or two before your big day so the stylist knows exactly what you expect and how to do it. 

You will be beautiful on your wedding day, and your hairstyle will only add to your beauty!


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