What I Would Do Differently {Annemarie}

When my husband and I think back to our wedding day, November 26th, 2011, we remember our heartfelt ceremony, very tasty food, excellent music (the dance floor was packed the entire time), and beautiful weather. Overall, the entire day was executed exactly how we imagined it and our guests still talk about how much fun they had the entire night. We look at our pictures all the time and have a 24x36 canvas hanging in our living room with us standing on the jetty on the beach. I still can't get over how beautiful our pictures are and how perfect the day was captured.
When it comes to changing something about the day, I can honestly say I wouldn't change a single thing. I loved my dress, my jewelry, hair and makeup, the guys tuxes' and sneakers, the location, and every single vendor- when you hire the best, you get the best. However, I would add a vendor if I did it all over again- a videographer. I think being able to see a video of the entire day (even if only watched a handful of times) would bring our pictures to life. 

For example, my little sister (14 years old at the time) was my maid of honor and gave the funniest, most animated speech I have ever seen! She made everyone laugh a LOT, cry a little, and then laugh some more. Some days I wish I could listen to her speech word for word because it was that good. During the planning stages, we decided we had to decide where to spend our money and what was most important to us. At the time, we thought there was no need to spend money on a videographer because we didn't think we would watch the video more than once. Now, almost two years later, I know we probably only would have watched a video a couple of times, but I still think it would be nice to have. 

In the end, nothing will ever take away from our incredible day. Still to this day, I cannot find the words to adequately thank the vendors who were with us on our wedding day. Every single one of them helped to create our perfect day. There are just some days when I wish there was a videographer to add to that thank you list...


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