Candy and Dessert Buffets

If you are looking for a fun treat for your guests, candy or dessert buffets are becoming increasingly popular. Who doesn't love something sweet at the end of the night! Here we take a look at some creative options. 

Candy Buffet
One of the most popular treats at weddings is a candy buffet. You can either pick some of your favorite candies to display, such as M&M's, Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, etc. 
Kate and Mike's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Cliff Mautner Photography
Lisa and Phillip's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Misty Dawn Photography
Or you can choose candies to match your wedding's color scheme!
Beth and Mike's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Misty Dawn Photography
Melissa and Brett's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Kella MacPhee Photography
The rule of thumb when buying candy is to estimate about half a pound of candy per person. You can also display the candy in different size jars with scoops. Then, provide your guests with bags or boxes to create their own mixture. This can be done as your guests' favor or just as an addition to dessert. It is shocking how excited grown adults get when they see a candy buffet!

Cookie Buffet
Another fun option is a cookie buffet. Often times, the couple will ask friends and family to bake some of their favorite cookies and then display them for guests. This is a chance to get the whole family involved. You can include old family recipes or favorites from your childhood. A nice touch would be to add cards with the type of cookie listed and give credit to those who helped with the baking. 
Both photos from Jacqui and Tim's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Clair Pruett Photography
Dessert Displays
You can also get creative with your dessert displays. Here are some unique ideas we have seen at past weddings. 

Donut Bar with Milk Shots
All three photos from Marcy and Dermot's Wedding
Photos courtesy of mkPhoto
Cupcake Display
Both photos from Jennifer and Jeremy's Wedding
Photos courtesy of Asya Photography
Cake Pop Display
Ice Cream Sundae Bar
Everyone loves a sweet treat. You can truly get creative with your displays and make them personal to you both as a couple!


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