Get to Know Proud to Plan: Melanie

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography
Tell us about yourself: Born and raised in Bucks County, PA. I graduated from Lock Haven University in 2007 with a B.A. in Communication Media. I met my boyfriend, Wade, while in college and we've been together for the past 8 years. 

Where do you live?: Langhorne, PA

Give us three words that best describe your personality: Artistic, Optimistic, and Sincere

How did you get involved in the event industry?: While in college I interned with a Philadelphia radio station and was involved with artist relations and hospitality. I loved being a part of such a close knit group of individuals who truly enjoyed the work that they were involved with. Shortly after graduating, I was asked to become an on-air DJ with the station and also volunteered at fundraising events and concerts. 

What's your favorite part of a couple's wedding day?: The first dance has always been the highlight for me. I'm a sucker for sappy songs. I'll bawl my eyes out even if it's a complete strangers' wedding. If the couple opts for an upbeat song or a choreographed dance, all the better because you'll see me chair dancing right along with them. 

When you're not doing events, what do you do?: Pharmaceutical/healthcare research and consulting.

Do you have any hobbies? Or what do you do for fun?: Reading or relaxing outdoors, as long as I bring sunscreen. My porcelain complexion burns to a crisp, so I've got to keep myself coated at all times. Bargain shopping for clothes or yard-sale finds to restore with Wade. Most of the items that we've furnished our home with we've either restored or created/built from ideas we've collected over the years. 

Fun Question, if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring on thing (not person) what would it be?: If battery life were not a factor, I would definitely want an iPod, radio or some other device that could play music. Music keeps me sane, whether I'm belting out Queen, relaxing with Sam Cooke or dancing my butt off to Florence and the Machine.

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