The Importance of a Makeup Trial

Most brides decide to get their makeup done by a professional for their wedding day. Just like a hair trial, it's a good idea to try out your look prior to the wedding day.

There are many benefits to having a makeup trial:
-You get to experience the makeup artist's work and test out your look
-You can discuss all your worries/concerns with your makeup artist and tell them what you like and dislike
-You get to see how your skin will react to the makeup products
-Your makeup artist can recommend how to get your skin ready for the wedding day
-It's a nice time to relax and feel pampered before your big day

Jennifer and Eddy's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Justin & Mary Photography
I was able to get some tips from Emily Aznavourian, a local makeup artist, who owns Cheekadee Makeup Artists. Here is what she recommends for makeup trials:

1. Do you think that doing a makeup trial before the wedding day is important? If so, why?
A trial run before your wedding is imperative. At Cheekadee we will not do a wedding without one. A trial run is the bride's opportunity to 'audition' us. She gets to see how we work, our personalities and most importantly our skills. She gets to see how the makeup wears. And if there are any adjustments that need to be made, it is easier to do it at a trial run than on the day of.

2. Should I do anything to prepare before my makeup trial?
If possible, it is a good idea to try to sync your makeup trial with your hair trial so that you can see how both the hair and makeup look together.

3. Should I bring anything with me to a makeup trial (pictures, makeup)?
Yes, look through photos of makeup that you like and makeup that you don't like. Bring the photos to the person who is doing your makeup, so they have an idea of your preferences. It is also helpful (but not necessary) to bring photos of your dress and/or swatches of your dress.

4. Should I wear anything in particular to the makeup trial (white/ivory shirt)?
Yes, that is also helpful.
Casey and Will's Wedding
Photo courtesy of 217 Photography
Here are some tips from Emily on what to carry with you on your wedding day:
-Your favorite lip gloss so you can touch up during the day
-Oil blotting papers to control oily skin or blotting powder compact
-Whitening eye drops to brighten eyes
-Tissues or handkerchief- remember to dab, not wipe, your eyes!
-Your smile


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