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Having the wrong song play at your wedding reception can kill the mood on the dance floor. Your guests could have been having the time of their lives, but as soon as the Chicken Dance or The Electric Slide come on, the dance floor may clear. 

When meeting with your band or DJ, you can start to get a feel of what they like to play, in which you can start to create a Do Not Play list so they know what not to play. If you don't have any interest in a certain genre of music, like country, tell your band or DJ so they can get get an idea of what you do like. Same thing goes for certain artists. If you or your significant other do not like a certain music group or artist, make sure that your band or DJ are aware. 
Alyssa and Josh's Wedding
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Line dances may make it on to your Do Not Play list. Even though line dances are group dances and aren't necessarily horrible songs, you need to take your guests into consideration. The Hokey Pokey, Cha-Cha Slide or even YMCA, may not be the best dances for your romantic evening. On the other hand, these songs can sometimes bring both young and older guests onto the dance floor. So the key is really thinking about who you think will enjoy the songs before adding them to the Do Not Play list. 

Depending on the time that you are getting married, you may not want the popular music that is played over and over and over on the radio, played at your wedding. Before sending any over played songs over to the Do Not Play list, remember that some guests will request songs that they hear on the radio and love. Keeping a good mix of songs from all time periods is a good way to get guests on the dance floor all night long. 
Devon and Mike's Wedding
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Songs that are typically mood killers should definitely be included on your list. Any song mentioning a break up, death or other unhappy type songs shouldn't be played on a night that is about celebration! Your band or DJ should realize these types of songs aren't appropriate for a wedding and shouldn't play them, but if there is a song that you've heard at a wedding and it cleared that dance floor, adding it to your list, wouldn't be a bad idea. 

Creating a Do Not Play list will make it clear to your band or DJ the type of celebration you want at your wedding. It will help you feel comfortable and confident in your band or DJ and will leave no chance for confusion about a song you don't want played. Even though music can have a large range and everyone likes different styles of music, it's your wedding and you can play/not play whatever you want. Just remember there's plenty of junk music out there and a Do Not Play list can help any band or DJ get a sense of who you are as a couple!
Sarah and Mike's Wedding
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