Bridal Hairstyles

As a bride, your decision on a hairstyle for your wedding day is just as important as the dress. There are so many styles and choices; an up-do, all down, half up, loose and flowy, tight and formal, etc. It all depends on the look that you want to portray.
Jennifer and Eddy's Wedding
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As a bridesmaid, unless the bride has a specific hairstyle in mind, you will want a hairstyle that fits with the theme of the wedding. For example, if it is a formal wedding, you might want to go with a fancier up-do. For a more casual wedding, a half up loose curled style would look nice. Also, keep in mind the type of dress you are wearing. A formal gown looks best with a fancier hairstyle. 
Photo provided by Meghan Cahill
Check out the internet and magazines for inspiration when you are thinking about your hairstyle. Bring these pictures to your hair stylist, so she understands what you are looking for. Also, keep in mind your veil or headpiece that you are plan on wearing. 

I spoke with Philadelphia area hair stylist, Meghan Cahill, from Hair by Meghan, to get some tips from a pro!

1. Have you seen any bride/bridesmaids hairstyles that are popular this past year (up-do's, braids, curls)?
The most popular styles this year, I would say, is the loose side bun and it is also one of my favorites.

2. Do you recommend a hair trial? 
I definitely recommend a hair trial. It gives the bride a chance to meet who she will be working with the day of and explore options on how she wants to wear her hair. 

3. How should I have my hair the day of the wedding before getting it styled (clean, dirty, curled, straight)?
I always tell my bride it is up to them. I know a lot of stylists like to work with "dirty hair" but I like to tell my bride she can shower and wash her hair in the morning and I can always dirty it up with lots of products. 

4. Any advice for brides when choosing a hairstyle?
I know there are a lot of trendy looks out there but I would say go for the classics. Half-up, low bun, loose curls pulled back; these are all looks that will be in style when you are looking back at your pictures in 10 years. 
Devon and Mike's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Ryan Estes
A few more tips to keep in mind to get your hair ready for the big day:
-If you are the bride, be sure to schedule a hair trial so you can try out your wedding do before the wedding day. 
-Don't change your hair color right before the wedding. Try it out a few months prior. If you don't like the new color, there is still time to change it back before the wedding. Same with drastic cuts, don't try out a new style or bangs the week before your wedding. 
-Trim your hair 2 weeks prior to the wedding day. 
-If you color/highlight your hair, try to do this 2 weeks before the wedding. 


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