Gift Ideas for 1st Anniversary

It seems that when it comes to gift giving, everyone has a different style or approach to it. Some people are more sentimental and therefore like giving sentimental gifts, some are more practical and others will wait until the last minute. Regardless of the type of gift giver you are, when it comes to picking something to give your spouse to celebrate your first anniversary, you want it to be perfect.

Paper is the traditional gift choice for a first anniversary, and if you choose to follow the yearly "traditional" gifts, you have a lot of options.

A love letter is always a nice gift. If you want to take it a step further, have it printed and framed. You could write a poem or if you're not a master of words, buy a book of poetry that says what you want to say better than you ever could.

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Framing the front page of a newspaper from your wedding date and the town you were married in would be simple, but a nice way to commemorate it. You could also do this with your first date. And if you wanted to take it a step further, you could do this for a number of important dates and put them in a box and create your own time capsule to look back on.
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A scrapbook that chronicles your first year as husband and wife would make a great gift. You could fill it with pictures, love notes and all of the things that are important to the two of you. Not only will it be a meaningful gift when you give it, but it will be great to look back on years later.

Tickets to a concert or sporting event are a fun option. It's a "paper" gift, but also provides you with a fun activity to do together and a way to create new memories. For my first wedding anniversary, I got my diehard Red Sox fan husband tickets to see the Sox play the Yankees at Fenway. It was a paper gift that led to an awesome day.

Whatever your approach to gift giving- if you want to stick to the tradtional gift of "paper", there is a great option for you!


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