10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

A few weeks ago, our good friends at Synergetic Sound and Lighting, asked Erin for some insider tips on why you should hire a professional wedding planner. You can head over to their blog to see the top 10 reasons or read on below. If you head over to Synergetic's blog, be sure to check out their brand new website! It's really interactive and has great information on it!

You've got the groom, you've got the ring...what comes next can be quite overwhelming! Planning a wedding while juggling work, school, family and friends can be tough and many couples can get stressed pretty early on. Most couples have never planned such a large event and may not be aware of all the details that are involved- enlisting the help of a professional wedding planner is a perfect solution! Many couples think wedding planners are only for those with huge budgets having fancy weddings. The truth is, most wedding planners have various levels of service and nearly every couple can find the help they need within their budget!

Here are 10 reasons hiring a professional planner will be the best decision you make for your wedding!

1. Save money and manage your budget.
A professional wedding planner knows what things cost, knows where to find deals and knows how to get the most bang for your buck. Building your budget with an expert is going to ensure you allocate those funds in the manner best suited to your priorities. A planner can actually save you money by helping to negotiate your vendor contacts to get you a great deal. If you splurge in one area, a planner can make suggestions on ways to cut corners in other areas without sacrificing quality, giving you the wedding you always dreamed of.

2. Save time and build a Dream Team in the process.
Researching wedding professionals takes a lot of time out of your already busy schedule. Wouldn't it be great if that task was made easier by having a huge pool of potential vendors trimmed down to a handful of fitting candidates? Having a wedding planner on your team does just that! Professional planners have worked with the good, the bad and the ugly and can help narrow your search to those that would be a perfect fit! We enjoy helping couples find the right vendors and love building teams of professionals that are easy to work with, fun to be around and can enhance the overall experience of your wedding day.

Carley and Adam's Wedding
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3. Stay focused and have fun.
With so many details to manage, planning a wedding can make your head spin! Having a professional in charge of tracking those details can be a complete lifesaver. At Proud to Plan, we have at least 3 planning meetings with every client. During these meetings, we review every aspect of your wedding day and provide you with lists of what is still outstanding. This allows you to stay focused as the big day approaches, which makes planning a lot more fun!

4. No Bridezillas here! Stay stress free and savor the process.
The difference in the stress levels of a bride who has had a professional help plan their wedding and one who has not is VERY noticeable- especially during the final stages! The bride without help is frazzled, frustrated and just ready for it to be over- this is one of the most joyful times of your life, this shouldn't be the case! A good planner will make the planning process a fun one! Hiring a professional ensures that your timeline has lots of extra padding built in, your vendors are all on the same page and the day unfolds exactly according to your expectations.
Casey and Will's Wedding
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5. Get your own, personal Wedding Expert.
There are a million questions that will pop up when you're planning a wedding. Enlisting an expert that has years of professional experience is invaluable. Anytime a questions pops up about etiquette, protocol, logistics and ideas, it's great to get an unbiased opinion from someone that has been there and done it and knows how each decision might impact the wedding day.

6. Mediator: the must have middle-man
Having a professional handle the many unsolicited ideas and opinions from family members is a great sanity saver! Because the wedding planner isn't emotionally invested, they can help speed along decision making without hurting any feelings. You certainly don't want to offend your future mother-in-law or create bad blood with your own mom. Leaving the difficult decisions in the planners hands will remove the sense of conflict, create compromise and ensure the day is always about YOU.

7. Unique ideas for personal touches.
Do you hate cookie cutter weddings? Have you been to a dozen weddings and they all seemed the same? Do you have ideas to make the details personal but aren't really sure how to carry out those concepts? Planners are a great resource for creative ideas. They will listen to your dreams and inspiration and will develop a plan of action. They know what is well received by guests and how to best incorporate each component into your big day.
Amy and Sean's Wedding
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8. Advocating for you, Always.
Your church might have someone that helps with weddings, your reception venue might have a coordinator, but make no mistake about it, these folks do not play the same role as a wedding planner. A hired planner acts as your advocate before and during the wedding because they have you, their client's, best interest at heart. They develop timelines for the day and confirm your vendor arrangements. They are a driving force behind your creative ideas. They are your eyes and ears on the wedding day, making sure all you are expecting is carried out according to plan. Because they have been involved in all aspects of planning, they can make decisions on your behalf that fit your expectations. A good planner will focus on the details which allows your other vendors to show off their area of expertise- whether it be photography, music or great food service!
Kyle and Olin's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Philip Gabriel Photography
9. Be the bride. That's it. 
If you're worried about managing the details, you won't be enjoying the day. Hiring a planner allows the newlyweds to savor every moment of their wedding, without having to worry about a thing! At Proud to Plan, we ensure there are multiple teams in place to execute every detail. You don't have to be the one to ensure all VIPs are present for photos, you don't have to be the one to check on a late limo, you don't have to be the one to wrangle your rowdy bridal party...and neither does your mom, sister or maid of honor! Our coordinators are there to do all the brunt work, you just get to be the bride and enjoy your day!

10. Protect your investment.
You hire a real estate agent to help you find a house, you hire a lawyer to help with closing...why would you spend so much time and money planning a wedding without professional help, too? Wedding can be costly and having a planner on your team will ensure that every dollar spent is worthwhile and the planning experience is pleasant. Don't be the frazzled Bridezilla- hire a planner and have the wedding you always dreamed about!
Amanda and Andrew's Wedding
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If you want to have the impressive event your guests will be talking about for years to come, a professional wedding planner is the answer. As soon as you start putting plans in place, set up a consultation with a planner- you'll be happy you did!

-Erin Proud, Owner and Principal Planner of Proud to Plan

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