Amy and Sean's Wedding

We thought it would be interesting to take a previous wedding and, instead of telling the story through our eyes, have the BRIDE tell the story from her own view point! Toss in a little Hurricane Irene action and add in the skills of guest blogger, local writer/editor and recent bride, Amy Kates, there is quite a story to tell!

"So. Remember that time you got married smack in the middle of a raging hurricane? No? I do! But let me tell you something: The memories- although rain-soaked, wind-savaged and minus the 50-plus day-of no shows who couldn't venture out due to bridge and road closures- are absolutely amazing, thanks to the ubertalented ladies at Proud to Plan who turned a hurricane into a hurri-CAN

I worked with Proud to Plan starting about a year out, and shared many a wedding-fueled breakdown with my gal pal Erin. But nothing could prepare me for the days counting down to my August 27th wedding the the Hurricane Irene dooms-day predictions started rolling in. To say I was "emotional" would have been an understatement. Every time the phone rang the week-of, I was terrified to answer, banking on cancellations from the venue and all my vendors, not to mention flight cancellations from friends and family flying in from Europe, South America and Canada. But Erin kept the faith that all would be well. Not just well, but rocking. She was right. Thanks to her, I found the strength to put on a happy face and go dance in the rain. 

Our wedding was a cluster of vintage random. My must-haves were books, vintage hodgepodge, and peacock feathers. There were the three concepts I gave to Erin, and she ran with them. I had total faith in her to make the venue- moved from the original outside plan, clearly, to inside a tent at the beautiful Brandywine Manor House- sing. It sanggggggggg. When I walked into the venue that day, I couldn't believe how spot on they were with everything. Proud to Plan's instinct for design is unparalleled. 

All our vendors were just as fabulous: No little hurricane prevented Kurt from Synergetic Sound and Lighting from doing his thing...well, at least until the power went out! The divine Laurie Sasko Designs braved the storm and arrived with all her gorgeous florals intact. The creatively artistic Kylene Cleaver from Leave It To Me Photography provided the images, and was gracious enough to extend a do over session in the sun. Our paper products, made with love from Greenleaf Paperie, stayed dry and pretty. Big ups to Posh Salon for making the hour-trek up to the venue in the storm, and Samantha Julian for feeding the people!

Aside from an early end to the evening due to Irene's rising waters and that pesky power loss, it was the best WeddingCane I've ever been to."
And here are a few images from their day after portrait session! A big thanks to Kylene from Leave It To Me Photography for doing this for Amy and Sean. They are a gorgeous couple and the pictures are amazing! Congratulations Amy and Sean!

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