Non-Traditional Bridal Showers

Bridal showers have come a long way from a simple party "showering" the bride with presents. Today we see a lot of non-traditional themes for Bridal Showers. Here are a few ideas for your next bridal shower.

Lingerie Party
If your bride-to-be didn't register for a lot of household items, why not give her something that she probably won't buy for herself. Have a lingerie party! Ask the guests to bring a gift of lingerie or a romantic item. For example, candles, scented oils, chocolates, etc. Just be sure to check with the bride and make sure she is comfortable with this idea and if any family members or future in-laws are on the guest list!
Around the Clock
This is a fun theme for a bridal shower. Assign each guest a certain time of the day and they have to bring a gift associated with that time. For example, someone who is assigned 9:00am, may bring a coffee maker and coffee mugs. Some guests will get very creative with their times. This is a fun twist on a traditional bridal shower.

Sunday Brunch
Instead of throwing an afternoon shower, change up the time and do brunch instead. You could have guests stick with this theme and brings gifts such as waffle irons, omelette pans or champagne glasses for mimosas. 
One non-traditional bridal shower that is becoming a trend is to invite men and have a Couples Shower. It's nice to include the groom in the festivities too! Just to be sure to check with the bride to make sure she is okay with this before you invite guys. 

Here are a few Couple Shower ideas:

The Battle of the Sexes Shower
This is a great idea for a couples shower and includes everyone. Break everyone up into girls and guys teams and compete in different games such as trivia questions (sports, fashion, etc) and obstacle courses. You could throw some questions in about the bride and groom too! The team that wins gets a prize and everyone meets up at the end for a BBQ. 
Stock the Bar Shower
Invite couples to bring their favorite wine/liquor/beer/mixer and help the future newlyweds stock their bar. Have each guest write down the ingredients for their favorite cocktail and put them into a cocktail recipe book! You could even make this into a wine tasting. It's a fun and interactive way to hang out with the bride and groom before their big day.

Honeymoon Shower
A Honeymoon Shower is a perfect way to shower the bride and groom since this is something they will share together. You can decorate and give gifts based around the honeymoon. For example, if the couple is going to Hawaii, have a luau theme with umbrella drinks. There are also a few websites that allow the couple to register for activities on their honeymoon. Check out these sites: and
There are so many different options and themes. Whatever type of bridal shower you choose, have fun with it!


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