No Need to Panic!

Ellenmarie and Anthony's Wedding...coming soon!
Photo courtesy of Clair Pruett
We've been getting a lot of inquiries from brides and grooms who are in the final stages of planning or are weeks away from their wedding and are frazzled and feeling like they need a little bit of help. Whether it be to tie up loose ends for them or creating a timeline for their wedding day, we can do that!

We have a package called "Kiss the Bride" that is exactly for the bride and groom who have done all of the planning and are realizing that they just want to enjoy what they've planned and not have to worry about anything! Our "Kiss the Bride" package is a budget friendly option and includes one detail planning meeting 3 weeks before the wedding to review contracts, develop a timeline for the day, flows for the ceremony and reception and also includes our normal day-of coordination by our awesome team.

Having a team of professionals take the reigns at the last minute can be a complete life saver for couples who are feeling frazzled and panicked about their wedding day. The moments leading up to your wedding day should be memorable and you should be calm and relaxed.... we can help you do exactly that!

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