Involving Your Pets

Including pets in your wedding day has become increasingly popular. As pet owners we often get very attached to our pets and when we get married we want to make sure everything that's important to us is reflected in our wedding day. There are many ways to include those special pets in your wedding day.

Some people want their pets to serve as ring bearer or flower girl. It's a cute touch and if you're having an outdoor wedding can make for really cute moments and pictures to remember forever. Typically you have the maid/matron of honor walk the dog down the aisle, but it's your ceremony so you can definitely mix it up and do it anyway you want. 
Some couples can't have their special animal in their wedding, but want to make sure they are included in pictures for years to come. This can be executed by putting someone in charge of pick up and drop off of their pet- or even your wedding planner! We've done this a handful of times and the doggies absolutely love being involved in their owners wedding day. These kind of pictures make for really sweet memories.
If your wedding is indoors, or you can't or don't want to have your pet present at the wedding, you could have pictures of them at memory tables. Or you could take some fun pictures of them and make the photos your table numbers!
Some couples feel strongly about animal rescue organizations. In lieu of a favor, couples make donations in honor of their guests to the animal rescue organization of their choosing. The couple lets the guests know this is done by small business cards at each place setting or providing an explanation on the back of the table numbers letting them know what was done in their honor. One of our couples had made a donation to the rescue that they had adopted their dog from and then had chocolate shaped in a dog bones for the guests and dog treats to take home to their own dogs! The guests loved this idea!
Madeleine and Eddie's Wedding
Photo courtesy of mkPhoto
Adding your pet into your wedding day is just one more way to personalize your wedding, and adds a cute touch. We love our pets, they are a part of our family, so they should be included in our special day. Any way you decide to include your pets is sure to be a hit!


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