Alternative Bridal Shoes

So, you've searched and searched and finally found your dream dress. You picked out the veil and know how you want to style your hair. Now what? What are you going to wear for shoes?!? There are so many different options now. 

Brides are no longer sticking with the classic white shoe. Although this is still a beautiful option. 
Jenn and Jeremy's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Asya Photography
Jen's Wedding
Many brides are now deciding to go the more colorful route. Your shoes can be the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color to your wardrobe! This would make for a great picture during the garter removal. You could wear a shoe in the same color as your bridesmaids' dresses...
Tiffany and Len's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Rob Korb Photography 
Annemarie and Jimmy's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography
...or it could be your something blue!
Stacey and Justin's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Sofia Negron Photography
Another thing to think about is what type of wedding are you having. The venue can create some great ideas for unique details. Perhaps if you are getting married on a farm, you may want to break out your cowboy boots. 
Sarah and Mike's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Pravada Photography
Or if a beach wedding is your dream, maybe flip flops would be more appropriate. You could even offer this option to your guests. It is such a relief to be able to take off those heels once the dancing gets started. 
Janet and Chris' Wedding
Photo courtesy of Humbled Eyes Photography
If you are thinking of wearing a unique shoe option, why not include your bridesmaids? This can make for some great photo opportunities. Why not have your entire bridal party comfortable in sneakers? 
Laura and Rob's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography
One of our brides had such a cute idea! To honor her now husband, who is from Ireland, she had her bridesmaids wear shoes in the colors to match Ireland's flag. 
Katie and John's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Tyler Boye Photography
There are so many opportunities for creativity throughout your wedding. Shoes are just another great detail! Just make sure you test out your shoes prior to the wedding day. You want to be sure you are comfortable walking down the aisle!


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