Honeymoon Ideas

The wedding day has come and gone. Months of planning have led to a day you will never forget. Now, time to relax! Shed all that wedding stress and catch some R&R with your new hubby...it's honeymoon time!

First, decide if you want to be adventurous and fill your honeymoon with activities or are aiming for a more relaxing or scenic experience.

Here are some top honeymoon destinations:
Santorini, Greece
Known for breathtaking sunsets, rich Greek food and riding a donkey up to the city, Santorini offers beautiful sites, a little adventure and of course, romance. A good combination for this location would be a cruise around the Greek Islands. Cruises offer plenty of amenities and the ease and excitement of experiencing several destinations with limited planning involved and at an affordable price
Maui's Kaihalulu Beach
Hawaii is a popular destination for honeymoons, and Maui offers something for everyone. You can surf, explore volcanoes or relax on the beach. Hawaii's beauty and romantic sunsets have made it a choice honeymoon spot. 
Florence, Italy
To be specific, Florence and Venice are popular honeymooning locations because of the romance and beauty associated with the culture. From studying abroad in Florence, I can attest to the beautiful Tuscan countryside. For the activity, country-loving couple, take a horseback riding tour through Tuscany accompanied by lunch at a Tuscan farmhouse. Or take a stroll (hand-in-hand) through the stone city streets or the Boboli Gardens.
Florence also has several small surrounding towns that offer a quaint European feel such as Fiesole or San Gimignano (my personal favorite place in Tuscany and a definite must see). 
Venice, is of course a beauty as well, with the Grand Canal and gondolas to shuttle you around the romantic island. Prices can be high here, but you can negotiate with the gondoliers! My recommendation would be to go in the winter, spring or fall, but avoid summer months as it can be quite hot and the canals...may not smell like roses. 

Many couples can opt for a tour of Italy to experience the full country's romance. 

Budgeting Honeymoons

Here are some tips to cut some costs and still be able to have the honeymoon you both so lovingly deserve.

1. If you don't have a specific destination in mind, consider using a travel agent. They can find deals you might not have thought of. 

2. Use frequent flier miles and hotel points. Charging a lot of expenses for the wedding day? Cash them in during your honeymoon! 

3. Start a honeymoon registry! Instead of wedding gifts or bridal shower gifts, guests can give you activities to do on your honeymoon, like a couple's massage or parasailing. Sites like thebigday.com or honeymoonwishes.com allow guests to register for a percentage of the costs. 

4. Take advantage of off season pricing. For the Caribbean, consider mid-April to mid-June. For a European honeymoon, look into late spring or early fall.

5. Meals. Consider an all-inclusive package. This offers a clear estimate of what the trip will cost. If not, avoid hotel restaurants as they are usually overpriced. Also take advantage of local ingredients and prepare a few meals. Plan a romantic picnic one day for a private lunch.

I wish you bon voyage as you set off to blissfully enjoy your honeymoon and embark on your first adventure as a married couple!


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Jenny said...

These are excellent ideas for a honeymoon! Cooking with your partner in Italy sounds like a great idea. I have heard so many wonderful things about honeymoons in Italy.