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The wedding ceremony will be the most memorable part of the day. One of the first things that your guests will notice when they arrive at your wedding is the aisle decor at the ceremony. The aisle decor sets the look and feel of your wedding dramatically. Whether you're planning a classical church ceremony, a casual beach ceremony, or a romantic garden wedding; the aisle decor really can set the stage for the rest of your event.

Classic or romantic ceremony decor for your aisle could include floral pomanders, rose petals, candles or luminaries, and/or potted plants. Rose petals could line your aisle, or if you're looking for something altered, ask your florist to arrange the rose petals in a pattern or design down the aisle. Using luminaries can light the way down the aisle, adding an intimate feel to your ceremony. Even tall trees overarching the the aisle way could incorporate a dramatic entrance.
Jennifer and Eddy's Wedding
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Mary Lee and Lenny's Wedding
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Vintage weddings in venues such as mansions, a rose garden or even an old barnyard, aisle decor is almost inevitable. Glass mason jars are a great option for this instance. In the jars, you can place a flameless candle or a small cluster of flowers. The jars can easily be hung by ribbon off the side of the chairs lining the aisle or could be placed on the ground lining the aisle. Very cute, yet very simple! To add more height to your ceremony space, you can hang lanterns on sheperd's hooks. Incorporate a candle and simply decorate with flowers and ribbon to complete the look. 
Katie and Brady's Wedding
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Kaylan and Dan's Wedding
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Modern ceremonies can typically display the more out-of-the-box concepts, such as garlands made from paper, fabric or yarn pom-poms, paper pinwheels, wreaths, pew bows and much more. Simple, yet beautiful, wreaths represent the circle of unity that you are celebrating with your marriage vows. Consider hanging wreaths by ribbon of your chosen color over the end of the pew. Ribbons also leave room for creativity; try something different and attach many long strands of think, colorful ribbon off the back of your ceremony chairs. Pinwheels can also be used and are whimsical, happy touches. Instead of flowers, use pinwheels to decorate a lawn aisle. Pinwheels can be made out of interesting paper or certain colors, or get really creative and use maps of where your honeymoon will be taking place!
Beth and Mike's Wedding
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Liz and Mike's Wedding
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An aisle runner is perfect for either an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony. These runners add interest to your wedding photographs and protect the bride's dress. Wedding aisle runners in a variety of colors and you can get them customized to add a personal touch.
Chrissy and Joe's Wedding
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Melissa and Carl's Wedding
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