Bridal Workouts and Nutrition

Who doesn't want to look great on their wedding day? You're going to be the center of attention and want to make sure that you're looking your very best! Let me just start this by saying that everyone will have different fitness levels so not all the workouts below will work for everyone. Try them out, see what works best for you and always keep your eyes on the prize!

There are tons of things you can do to lose weight. Some are more drastic than others and some will give you results faster than others. The rule of thumb is that if you lose 1 to 2lbs a week, it's considered healthy and you won't gain the weight back as quick as losing, say 10 lbs in a week. However, it is okay to have a larger weight loss the first few weeks after working out, especially if you went from not working out to working out on a daily basis. has a great workout resource where you can check your BMI (Body Mass Index), this is based off of your weight and height and will give you an overall idea of whether you need to lose weight or not. has a calorie burner tool as well. 
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There are also calorie counting and exercise tracking sites such as:,, and All of these are geared towards watching what you eat as well as incorporating exercise into your routine. Weight Watchers is another great weight loss program. They give you the option of going to meetings, or doing the whole thing on your own online. 

Some people start out small with cutting out sodas, sugary foods, greasy foods. You will probably see a loss in the beginning, but remember if you put yourself on a very strict diet, you're more likely to cave and binge eat. To start, try to just cut back portions so that you get to eat the foods you want, but you're satisfied. 

There are tons of workouts that you can pick from. First, you need to find out what will keep you motivated, and what you enjoy. If you don't enjoy your workout and feel like you have to do it then you're likely to quit sooner. Maybe you need to do group fitness, or maybe you enjoy working out alone. Find out what will work for you. You'll also want to find out your fitness level before jumping head first into any of these workouts. You don't want to injure yourself right off the bat, so making sure you know what you can push your body to do is very important. 

There are a lot of group fitness programs out there. Kickboxing, Zumba, and Spinning are among the most popular. If you prefer to workout by yourself, the gym has tons of machines and staff on site to help you through your workouts. There are also so many video workouts you can do, as well as trying programs like C25K.  
If you don't work out already, make sure to start out slow- start at a beginner fitness level with at least 30 minutes of cardio, 3 times a week. Try to incorporate light weight-lifting, and stretch before and after each workout. Try to have fun with it, by downloading upbeat songs onto your ipod, or finding a friend who also wants to slim and tone. 

Everyone is different when it comes to working out, so finding what works best for your body and schedule is key. Keep these tips in mind and you'll look fabulous on your big day!


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