Fun Favors Your Guests Will Love

Wedding favors! There are many directions couples can choose to go in to find the perfect favor that your guests will love. Wedding favors that are unique and personalized always make it home with guests. The do-it-yourself get noticed and since it's your wedding, do it the way you want.

What's the best way to make sure your wedding favors don't end up just collecting dust on someone's shelf? Make them edible! Cookie buffets are a huge hit with guests. The cookies can be homemade with certain flavors that can basically use the same ingredients. For example, chocolate chip (with and without nuts), peanut butter with Reese's Peanut Butter cup centers, oatmeal with white chocolate and craisins, and Snickerdoodles can all use similar ingredients making this idea inexpensive. Candy buffets are also a huge hit with all guests, not just children! We see more adults coming back for seconds than we do of children. You can choose certain colored candies to work with your color scheme, or just pick an assortment of the candy of your choice.
Kristen & Steve's colorful candy buffet
Photo courtesy of Mike Landis Photographer
Bags to package the cookies or candy can range from clear cellophane bags to chinese food take-out boxes; your options are creatively endless. If you choose to embellish your bags or boxes for guests, ribbons to labels to handmade tags can all be another element where your options are endless! These buffets are often put out the the end of the reception to work as the perfect wedding favor that guests will be talking about for years. 
Traci and Mik's candy buffet
Photo courtesy of Sharyn Frenkel Photography
Did you ever think that jelly or jam would be a perfect favor? Mini jars of jam can add a touch more of sweetness and an extra helping of love. Jams are great for treats at the reception, an after-wedding brunch, or out-of-town guests. Many flavors are available such as Raspberry Peach Champagne or Strawberry Peach Jam. These jars can also be embellished with phrases such as, "sweet beginnings" or "spread the love," while you can also add your wedding date, personalizing this favor even more. They can act as a cute little token to give guests that can really enjoy. 
As the practical wine stopper can act as a nice favor for any celebration, nothing makes a wedding day more magical than having personal touches. Wedding wine labels are offered for personalization on your favorite bottle of wine. On these labels, your new monogram or custom artwork for a completely personal wine label that no one-other than you guests- will have! 
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The two of your are Lucky in Love so why not spread the luck with a $1 lottery ticket! Decorate the ticket with personalized lottery ticket holders that can be made just for your special day! These lottery ticket holders are a one of a kind wedding favor for your guests. Don't forget to include a penny of your wedding year for scratching off! You can decorate the holders with colors from your color scheme, your monogram, or clever sayings such as "Lucky in Love" or "Hope Our Luck Rubs Off On You!"
Favors are a little symbol of you as a couple that you can present to your guests. Use your imagination and a dash of creativity and you'll find ways to turn the ever-present wedding favor into a charming, highly personalized statement that says a lot about you and your new husband (or wife)!


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