Picking a Mother of the Groom Dress

Congratulations! Your son is getting married and you are going to look radiant and stunning on this amazing day. But it seems like there are so many rules on Mother of the Groom dress etiquette and protocol; not to mention the long list of taboo colors and styles! How will you find that perfect dress?

You should start by talking with your future daughter-in-law. Ask her if she has any particular color scheme or corresponding style in mind for the mothers. If she seems to have no preference, mention what you have in mind and feel out her response. You will be able to tell how much freedom you have to play with colors based on her reaction. 

Traditionally, Mothers of the Groom (and Bride) are encouraged to stay away from white gowns because the bride has "dibs" on white for the day. Black is seen as a bit dreary for a celebration and red is considered too ostentatious. However, with the right design, black and red can look elegant and chic on the Mother of the Groom. Also, try to steer clear of anything too revealing or flashy. By all means, pick a dress that flatters your body but keep in mind how the bride may feel if all of the the attention is on her hot mother-in-law. 

Before you decide on a dress, consult the mother of the bride. Classic protocol stays that the Mother of the Bride should pick her dress first and then work with the Mother of the Groom so that their dresses complement each other. Discuss whether or not you will be coordinating colors and styles. This can sometimes be very unrealistic if the two of you have different tastes. In this case, thank her for informing you of the type of dress she is seeking and assure her that the two of you will look fabulous in your respective styles. 

The bottom line is that this is a beautiful day for both sides of the family. As the Mother of the Groom you are a main character in this wedding and should absolutely look fabulous and memorable. Just make sure you are taking the wants and preferences of your new family into consideration!

These three styles are from Nordstrom.com

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