Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Cake

Tired of a traditional wedding cake? Want something that matches your unique style and eclectic tastes? This doesn't go to say that you can't fulfill your sweet tooth, but here are some inspirational ideas that are outside of the box and outside the traditional ways. Don't be afraid to take a risk! After all, it's your wedding, it's your day, and every detail should reflect who you are as a couple.
Snap, crackle and pop for those of you that are Rice Krispie lovers! This Rice Krispie cake is shaped like a cake and you can add anything you like to match your color scheme!
Although set up like any traditional wedding cake, this may be a great idea for those of you who love cheesecake. To make cheesecake easier for a dessert table, these individual cheesecakes can be put out and left alone for guests to grab at their convenience. 
Really give your guests something to talk about with this Oreo cake! A surprisingly fun look that may take a while to arrange but it is definitely a unique option that will have your guests talking. All that's needed is a tall glass of milk!
This cake will most likely fool you. It is a hollow cake that can be smashed with a hammer, surprising guests with truffles inside!
Who says you have to have a wedding cake? If you and your significant other enjoy Jagermeister, put it on ice and call it a day!
Whether the bride and groom met while eating pizza or share the love for eating pizza, this idea is extremely unique to use as your wedding "cake". 
Remember those ice cream push pops you loved when you were younger? Here is a great idea that is similar to those. These individual cake shooters consist of many different flavors of cake and icing, giving guests a wide assortment of choices. You could also keep the party going with these by having them passed on the dancefloor instead of guests having to sit down for cake!


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