Bridesmaid Responsibilities

Your good friend just got engaged and she asks you to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. You say "Yes!" Now what? Here is a guide on how to be a great bridesmaid and your responsibilities leading up to the wedding day.
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Planning Stages
-As a Bridesmaid you might be asked to join the Bride to help her find her wedding dress. 
-Shopping with the Bride for the bridesmaid dresses. The Bridesmaid is responsible for buying their dress and getting appropriate alterations, shoes and jewelry. 
-The Bridesmaid will pay for her own accommodations to the wedding (travel and hotel expenses).
-Offer to help with wedding related activities. For example, helping with favors, stuffing invitations, seating arrangements, making decorations, etc. 
-Attend all pre-wedding events (engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal & rehearsal dinner).

Bridal Shower
-Responsible for planning the bridal shower with the Maid of Honor (send invitations, buy/make favors, plan games, etc.)
-All of the Bridesmaids will pay for the bridal shower or put in a portion of the money.
-Buy a group gift or an individual gift. 
-Help record gifts so the Bride can send thank you notes.

Bachelorette Party
-Plan a fun event for the bachelorette party with the Maid of Honor.
-All of the Bridesmaids usually pay for the bachelorette party.
-Let the Bride have a stress free night and have fun with her best friends!

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
-Attend rehearsal.
-Help answer questions about the wedding day so guests don't bother the Bride too much. 
-Attend rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Day
-Help run errands on the day of the wedding. 
-Arrange for hair and makeup so you look appropriate.
-Helps Bride get ready and dress for the wedding day. 
-Help carry Bride's train and bustle dress before the reception. 
-Help Bride go to the bathroom (if needed!)
-Make sure Bride doesn't need anything (food, water, quiet time to herself).
-Hold Bride's bouquet during the ceremony if needed.
-Stand in the receiving line after the ceremony if required.
-Typically the Maid of Honor is responsible for giving a toast but check to make sure that you are not expected to speak.
-Dance! Have a good time and celebrate your friend getting married.
-Give Bride and Groom a wedding gift. 

Weddings can be stressful so here are a few things to remember NOT to do as a Bridesmaid:
-Don't add stress to the Bride! Ask the Maid of Honor or someone else a question before bothering the Bride.
-Don't complain about your bridesmaid dress no matter what! The Bride can't please everyone, but it's her day, so just please her. 
-Don't complain about the cost of being a bridesmaid.
-Don't show up late!
-Don't drink too much!

Remember that your friend chose you to be a bridesmaid for a reason. You are there to support your friend on one of the most important days of her life. Make sure to provide her with lots of love, emotional support and have fun!


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