Remembering Loved Ones

Many couples want to honor those family and friends that cannot be with them on their special day, but will always be in their hearts. When remembering loved ones at your wedding, the gesture should be meaningful, yet understated so as to not to hinder the joyfulness of the day. 

Here are some tasteful, simple ways to show honor and love for those who are there in memory and spirit. 

Bouquets are a great way to symbolize a loved one's memory. Consider, choosing their favorite flowers in the bridal bouquet. 

Selecting a single different flowers to standout in your bouquet is also a unique and memorable idea. You can have a flower for each loved one you wish to remember. Having the flower girl carry this bouquet could also be cute. This can be noted in the program so the meaning is known to your guests. 
Bouquet charms are also a great way to keep your missed loved ones close to you on your wedding day.
Another unique idea is to place these charms on your shoes, and in this way, your loved ones can still walk you down the aisle. 
If you are having a beach wedding or wedding near water, consider throwing flowers in the water.
Ceremony Remembrance
Consider making a simple, thoughtful note in the program. This indirectly draws attention that they are loved and missed, but avoids the sadness a larger gesture may bring. 

You can also have the loved ones favorite readings as part of the ceremony. 

Memory Table
Placing a table at the reception with photos of those who have passed or even parent/grandparent wedding pictures is a beautiful, elegant gesture. You can add candles to the table as well to evoke more of a commemorative feel. 

You can also customize the candles with a phrase or names of those missing. 
Music is a great way to keep the mood light and remember loved ones in a fun way. My grandmother's favorite song was "Hello Dolly" by Frank Sinatra and you can bet that it will be played at my wedding to honor her and have all my aunts and uncles dance her funny little jig. 

Donation Cards
Consider donation cards instead of favors. If a specific cause or charity relates to your loved one, you can honor them by making a donation in their name. 
Post-Wedding Visit
You can also visit the grave site of a loved one after the wedding and place flowers from the wedding on their resting place. This is a good way to personally honor them without drawing too much attention on their absence. 

Although we miss our loved ones dearly, honoring them during your wedding day with simple gestures is a beautiful way to keep them as a part of this special occasion.


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