Bridal Shower Games

The main event of a bridal shower is to celebrate the upcoming wedding of the bride by "showering" her with gifts and wishes. Bridal shower games are often included as icebreakers for guests and to add a little fun to the day. We have all heard of bridal bingo and the toilet paper wedding dress, so here are a few fun, new games for you to play at your next bridal shower. 
Bridal Bingo
I have to include Bridal Bingo on the list since it's the most common bridal shower game. Create bingo cards for each guest. Replace the work "bingo" with "bride". Each guest fills in the spaces on the card with items that they think the bride will receive that day. Example: coffee maker, towels, dishes, etc. Each guest will mark off the item as the bride opens her gifts. Once a guest fills an entire row (bingo style), they win a prize. Use fun stickers to mark the spots or pieces of candy as the space holders. 
Toilet Paper Wedding Dress
I think this game has slowly disappeared from the bridal shower scene. However, since it's probably the "original" game, it has to be included. Divide your guests up into groups of 3-4 people. Each group designates a "bride" and the other members of the group have to create a wedding dress, veil, and accessories out of toilet paper. After a certain amount of time, the real bride judges the wedding dresses and the winning group wins a prize. This game definitely provides some funny photos. 

Clothespin Game
This is a game that can be played throughout the bridal shower. Before the bridal shower, come up with a "forbidden word". It can be as simple as "wedding", "love", or the bride and groom's names. As guests arrive, each one is given a clothespin to wear and told the forbidden word. If a guest hears another guest saying the forbidden word, they take that person's clothespin. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the bridal shower wins a prize. 

Purse Raid
Basically a scavenger hunt of the purse! Before the shower, make a list of common items in a purse (ex: tissues, lipstick, wallet, keys, etc.). Then add some random or risque items (ex: dog treats, toothbrush, condom, hand cuff, etc.). During the party, the host calls out items on the list and the first person to find the item in their purse wins. You can do this for each item or the guest who has the most items on the list. 

The Newlywed Game
Prior to the bridal shower, ask the groom to answer a variety of questions. 
Ask him questions about their relationship such as "Where did you go on your first date?" "Where was your first kiss?" "When did you know you were going to marry the bride?"
Ask him questions about his childhood/her childhood such as "Who was your favorite teacher?" "What was your favorite cartoon to watch when you were little?"
Ask him funny questions such as "What would the bride say is your most annoying habit?" "If you could burn one thing in the bride's closet, what would it be?"
Then at the shower, ask the bride to guess the groom's answers. This usually gets the crowd laughing at some of the answers. You can also penalize the bride if she gets the answer wrong by giving her a piece of bubblegum to chew. The more answers she gets wrong, the more gum she has to chew and the harder it will be for the bride to talk. 

That's What She Said
This isn't really a game for the guests but more of a fun way to end the shower and embarrass the bride a bit. While the bride is opening her gifts, have one of the bridesmaids write down everything she says. For example, "Oh! It's bigger than I thought it would be!" or "I can't wait to try this out with the groom!" or "Wow, that's so tiny". Once the bride is done opening her gifts, let the guests know that you have a list of things that the bride will say on her wedding night. The bride might be a bit embarrassed but the sayings usually get the guests laughing. 

How Sweet It Is
There are a ton of different wedding crossword puzzles or word matches that you can create for the guests. This is a word matching game that pairs candy with a wedding/marriage phrase. For example, "Skor Bar" with "Wedding Night" and "Hershey's Kisses" with "Guests Clinking Glasses". The guest who gets the most matches wins a basket of candy. 
There are tons of different games and activities that you can do at a bridal shower. These are just a few to think about!


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