2013 Philadelphia Flower Show

We were so excited to attend this year's Philadelphia Flower Show! We attended last year and we were blown away so this year had a lot to live up to- and boy, did this year's show do just that! This year's theme was "Brilliant!" featuring lots of touches of jolly ole England. When you arrived you walked down a red carpet through what looked like two large gates filled with flowers. A path of tall trees was placed on either side of the carpet. We first looked at the show's big winner "Jack" by Schaffer Designs, a nod to 19th century England and the infamous Jack the Ripper. It was creepy for sure, but SO cool how they were able to make flowers look in this display. We walked some more and saw "London Fog" by Flowers by David and I think it captured what most of us here in the States think of England- rain and fog. We walked on and saw the floral competitions going on before walking over the fashion area. Our favorite was a black gown that was made of some sort of twigs! It was incredible and looked as if you could really wear it! Robertson's Flowers had another of our favorite displays with "A Proper Hodgepodge". Four different table setups that were unlike the one before and a cute little table with moss covered chairs were in the center. What we were most excited to see, was our good friend Brittany's display! She and her team at Petals Lane came up with a PERFECT "Mad Tea Party" that won numerous awards including The People's Choice award! From the adorable fabric covered "mushrooms" to the perfectly placed chandeliers hanging from above; no detail was overlooked. The table in the center was surrounded by mismatched chairs and at each corner there was a bronze statue of one of Alice in Wonderland's main characters. We walked around gasping at the entire display! We can't wait to see next year's show!

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