Groomsmen Responsibilities

We wrote a blog on Bridesmaids Duties awhile back, so now it's time to give the guys some love and give them information on what their responsibilities are when they are a groomsman in a wedding.

It's a great honor to be asked to be in the bridal party of a wedding. The groom will want to have his best buddies stand with him and be a part of his special day. Just like being a bridesmaid, there are some costs involved in being a groomsman- bachelor party, travel, renting or buying a tux, wedding gift, etc. Be sure to consider this when accepting to be a groomsman. The worst thing you could do is back out at the last minute. Also, once you accept the honor of being a groomsman, don't complain about the cost. It's your friend's special day and he would do the same for you!

Here is a guide of groomsman responsibilities:

Prior to the Wedding
-You may be asked to assist the groom in picking out a tuxedo
-Get measured/fitted for tuxedo and pay rental fee or buy it
-Pick-up tuxedo prior to wedding day and make sure you it fits and you have all the accessories (bow tie/suspenders/cuff links/shoes/etc.)
-Attend all pre-wedding events: engagement parties, any co-ed bridal showers, bachelor party, rehearsal dinner
-Help Best Man plan the bachelor party and assist in cost of party
-If you are the Best Man, prepare a speech/toast for the wedding reception. If the Best Man is not speaking, decide which groomsman will give a speech. 
-Attend and pay attention during ceremony rehearsal
-Be sure to not drink too much at the rehearsal dinner! You'll need to be in your best condition on the wedding day!
-Be a good friend to the groom and support him
Bev and Chuck's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Lindsay Docherty Photography
The Day of the Wedding
-Be supportive and help the groom relax before his "Big Day". This does not mean getting him drunk! Keep him sober and his bride will thank you.
-Arrive to the location prior to the wedding on time with all necessities (tux, shoes, etc.)
-You may be asked to help unload decorations for the wedding
-Participate in formal photos throughout the day
Sarah and Carmen's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography
The Ceremony
-Greet guests as they arrive to the ceremony
-Escort guests to their seats prior to the ceremony (sometimes there are separate ushers for this job)
-Leave the first few rows reserved for bridal party and family members
-The Best Man is usually responsible for holding onto the rings for the ceremony- keep them in a safe pocket!
-Walk and stand near the groom during the ceremony
-Escort bridesmaids down the aisle after the ceremony
-The Best Man may be asked to be a witness and sign the marriage license
Sarah and Andy's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Smirnov Weddings
At The Reception
-Escort bridesmaids into reception during introductions
-You may be seated at the Head Table with the Bride and Groom
-You may be asked to dance with bridesmaids during a special dance
-The Best Man will give his speech
-Participate in the garter toss
-Dance when the music starts and get other guests up to dance
-Be on your best behavior!
-Sometimes the Best Man is asked to give out tips to certain vendors at the end of the evening provided by the Bride and Groom
-You may be asked to help load gifts or extra alcohol at the end of the night
-Give a wedding gift
Angela and Sean's Wedding
Photo courtesy of 217 Photography
After the Wedding
-Return your tux to the rental shop (you may be asked to return the groom's tux as well)

Being a groomsman is a great honor! Have fun with your best bud and enjoy his wedding day!


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