Wedding Tip Wednesday

I spend most nights doing some sort of craft, since it's my favorite way to spend my alone time. My crafting kicks into high gear especially during the winter because I am not a fan of cold weather! Now that Pinterest has entered my life, I have no shortage of crafts to do. This tutorial popped up on my Pinterest home page about a month ago and I cannot wait to try it!
I LOVE blue mason jars but the real ones always seem to have a higher price tag at the antique and thrift stores I shop at. I've seen them as low at $7 to as high as $12, and since you can buy brand new clear ones for as low as $1 a jar, this tutorial is perfect for making cute decor on a budget! Making my own pretty blue mason jars (or any other color, as you'll see in the tutorial) is my idea of a perfect craft night. I think that these would be a perfect option for lining a ceremony aisle. You could fill the jars with flowers or even with candles! Or maybe on your cocktail tables and bars or even line a path outside with candles inside. So many things you can do with these. I'll be sure to share my results when I finish them! Do you have any crafts- wedding related or not- planned? 


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