Riding In Style

Though we all don't have the luxury of having a 110 year old horse drawn carriage accessible on our wedding day like Kate and Will, there are still many other modes of transportation that can help you and your guests arrive and leave your wedding in style, and almost anything goes!
First, A Few Things To Consider

Will You Ride In The Same Way You're Riding Out? - Are you and your soon to be partner riding with the entire bridal party or are you doing your own thing? Are you coming in on a party bus and leaving in a carriage? These are all things to consider. 

How Many Guests Need Transportation? - Of course there is you and your soon to be betrothed, your bridal party, and close family, but you should also consider out of town guests that may not have rental cars or a way to get to and from the wedding.

Stop Drinking and Driving - To avoid tragedy on your wedding night, it is important to consider wedding guests who may need a safe ride home at the end of the night. Even if they are local, you may want to consider what you can do to assure everyone gets home safely at the end of the night. 

Parking - Is there a designated space at the ceremony and reception site that can fit your mode of transportation? Is there enough parking for guests driving themselves? 

Book in Advance - It's never too early to start booking your transportation, but a good 4-6 months out should be a good choice when making your arrangements. If your wedding is scheduled for May or June, you may want to book even earlier, because many local high schools will be having their proms during those months, and limos and other transportation may be booked up.

Timing - Are you taking pictures at different locations between the ceremony and reception? How far away are the ceremony and reception sites if they are in different locations? Timing your transportation can be one of the hardest things to plan during the planning process. Of course, timing isn't always perfect, but it's important to figure out how much time you will need to give you and your guests to get from one place to another. And it's always important to consider construction, traffic, and the pure delay of dealing with so many people. If your wedding is in the city, you'll want to check if there are any marathons, parades or races planned for your wedding day. This can definitely influence roads being closed or traffic in certain parts of the city. When in doubt, double the time you think it will take to be safe and ease your anxiety on the wedding day. 

Style & Personality - It's important to consider the style of your wedding along with your personality when choosing your transportation. Consider the feel you are going for. For instance, limos might be best suited for a classic wedding, while a trolley might be perfect for a city wedding. Think about how your transportation will look with your dress, and style. 

Be Prepared - Always tell your driver to be there a half hour before he needs to be and equip them with a list of all of those guests or bridal party members that are supposed to be traveling aboard. Don't forget to give them copies of addresses, contact numbers and directions.

Now, On To Choosing Your Type of Transportation

Antique Car - Bring back the classic look with an antique car as your transportation. Perfect for traditional or vintage themed weddings.
Horse & Carriage - Feel just like the royal couple and rent a horse and carriage. This may only be able to hold just two, but you can arrange other transportation for your bridal party.
Fire Engine/Cop Car - Perfect if you're marrying a man of service.
Pedicab - Pedicabs are a great form of transportation if your wedding is taking place in the city or if your ceremony and reception locations are really close. They are a fun way to take a creative spin on your transportation and they make for great photos too.
Boat - Whether a paddle boat, kayak or motor boat, take your pick. This fun transportation is perfect for weddings on the beach or near water obviously and makes for a fun escape.
Limo - Obviously the most common form of transportation mainly because the whole wedding party can fit inside. They're making everything into limos these days so be sure to look around. 
Trolley - Trolleys are a great alternative to limos because they allow for a classic feel and can fit more people, so they're perfect for larger wedding parties.
Party Bus - If you have a long drive to the reception or a long drive home that night, party buses are a great way to keep the night going and your bridal party entertained. 
Hotel Shuttle - Don't forget that if you are using a hotel, they may have a hotel shuttle that they can provide for free or at minimal cost. Check with them to assure that your guests can get home safe at the end of the night.
Sports Car - Live in luxury by renting or borrowing a friend's sports car for the night to take the happy couple around. 
Golf Cart - Perfect for wedding at resorts or country clubs, golf carts can make it easier for the bridal party to get around. 
Bikes/Tandem Bike - If you're having a spring or summer wedding, bikes can make a great unique transportation option. Try a tandem bike for the couple and singles for the rest. It's an easy way to go green to!
Horseback - You may need to practice at first, but riding in and out on horseback gives you quite the entrance, never to be forgotten by your guests. 
Elephant - I'm not joking here! Though it may cost you a hefty penny, riding on an elephant could be a fun and unique way to ride in or away as a couple. It's also a perfect fit for Asian inspired or Middle Eastern weddings as this is often protocol in countries like India.
Helicopter - With the right budget and the right price, a helicopter could be a reality for your wedding day. 
Motorcycle - Ride off in style on the back of your new hubby's bike!
Once the transportation has been settled, you'll be able to ride off happily into the sunset as newlyweds!


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