Types of Wedding Programs

Kristin and Michael's programs
Photo courtesy of Barnyard Photography
When it comes to deciding on programs for your wedding ceremony, there are a number of things to consider- how much information you have to share, the time of year, your overall theme/style, etc. If you're having an outdoor ceremony in the summer, a fan program would fit wonderfully, but if you're planning a long ceremony with a large bridal party, you may not have enough room to fit all of the information- so in that case you might want to do a traditional booklet program and set a basket of fans next to it, your guests will thank you. 
Casey and Will's fan programs
Photo courtesy of 217 Photography
You can do a simple one page program like this one below. It tells guests what they need to know in a simple and compact way. 
Rebecca and Jesse's programs
Photo courtesy of Hoffer Photography
There are also lots of variations on traditional programs. Instead of a rectangular one try a square one.
Lauren and Ed's programs
Photo courtesy of Barton Paul Photography
You can carry your color scheme over to your programs and make them as simple or customized as you'd like. Here are two rectangular booklets. This one is upgraded to a cardstock cover with the monogram on the outside.
Kyle and Olin's programs
Photo courtesy of Philip Gabriel Photography
Same as above but this one is a bit simpler and does not have a cover.
Bev and Chuck's programs
Photo courtesy of Lindsay Docherty Photography
One of my favorite types right now is a vertical, layered program, bound at the top. Each layer is longer than the one above it, so your guests can easily flip through. And you can even label each page on the bottom so guests know what information they're flipping to. 
Christina and John's layered programs...coming soon!
Photo courtesy of Artistic Imagery
Regardless of what style you choose, be sure to to share all of the important information- who's who in the bridal party, breakdown of the ceremony, any prayers you'd like to share, etc. I also think it's nice to include a thank you to your family and guests, as well as an acknowledgment of loved ones who are no longer with you.


All of these programs were created by Paper by Proud. If you have the need for programs or any other stationery, contact us!

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