Must Have Monday

Since Mother's Day was yesterday and Father's Day is about a month away, I thought today's Must Have Monday should be based on gifts you can give your parents (and soon to be in law's) on wedding day! For my own wedding, I had a hard time choosing what to give my parents, especially my mom. I wanted it to be perfect for her and show her how much her support leading up to wedding day- and beyond!- meant to me! I ended up buying her a silver circular necklace with diamonds. She cried, I was perfect.

Here are a few things I've found that would make great gifts for mom and dad!
I love the simplicity of this silver heart necklace. Your birthstone and your mom's birthstone will show your bond to everyone and she's sure to brag about it to her friends. Find this necklace here.
Hankies are one of the more popular gifts for mother's of the bride and groom. These can truly become a treasure to your mother or your soon to be mother in law. You can find these anywhere but I found these here.
A beautiful wooden jewelry box, engraved with a poem would be a great spot for her to place all of her jewelry. Find this box here.
This decanter would be a great gift for either mom or dad. Personalizing it really finishes it off and shows that you put thought into their gift. Find this decanter here.
This handsome personalized watch box would serve as a great gift for your dad or father in law. Find this watch box here.
Is dad a big golfer? This stunning golf set with 6 personalized golf balls and the cherry wood box are a great gift! Find this golf set here.

Just remember when you are choosing gifts to give your parents on your wedding day to make them meaningful. Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to express all of those lovey dovey feelings you have for everyone close to you!


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