How to Make a Groom Stand Out

It’s always easy to spot the bride at any wedding (hint: she’s the one in the white dress), but far to often the groom blends in and is mistaken for just another one of the groomsman. Not only does this make his role in the wedding seem less official, but it can also create complications for vendors and some guests, who may not be familiar with the bride and groom. In the end, you never want to get your wedding pictures back with close-up’s of the best man throughout the reception – trust us, we’ve heard it’s happened before. So since it’s his special day too, here are some ways to make your groom stand out above the rest.

Colors + Patterns

By bringing colors or patterns into the mix, you can highlight the groom while also working within the restraints of your color scheme. Try keeping the groomsman in colors that match those of the bridesmaid’s and match the groom to his bride – keeping his color scheme white or neutral. Or if you want to opt for the more untraditional, add bold patterns or colors to your groom and keep your groomsman in the softer tones of your color scheme. Have the groomsman wear black suits and the groom wear gray or even try going with a patterned suit or patterned tie for a bold statement. Whether it’s the color of his shirt, suit, tie, or cummerbund you can make him stand out without drawing too much attention.

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Suit + Tie

Besides just adding colors or patterns, you can sway from the traditional by mixing suit styles or ties between the groom and his groomsman. Try keeping the groomsman in traditional suits and alter the length of the groom’s jacket tail or even the entire style of his jacket – double versus single breasted jackets or two versus three button’s for example. Mixing cumber bands, vests, and ties are also an easy way to create variation between the groom and his groomsman. Try having the groomsman wear traditional ties and the groom wear an ascot or even a bow tie for a fun, yet elegant look.

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Whether it be with a hat, cane, jewelry, sunglasses or pocket triangle, there are many accessories you can add to your groom’s outfit to distinguish him and finalize his look. Even adding a different boutonniere is a subtle impact that can still set him apart. Stick with the same flower but add accents or more flowers to the groom’s boutonniere. What is most important to remember is to let your groom’s personality shine through. Let him be involved in the process of how he would like to be emphasized for the wedding – it will make him feel more involved in the plans and will keep him looking confident on the big day.

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