Sweetheart and Head Tables

Deciding to have a sweetheart table, where you sit off to the side with your new husband or wife, versus having a head table, where you can sit with your bridal party, can sometimes be a challenging choice for couples. No matter which way you choose, there are many ways you can make it personal and have your table stand out above the rest. 

Make It Personal
Think about including some of your own personal items; pictures of two of you, a picture of your beloved pet, special family napkins, or toasting flutes you received at your bridal shower. 
Different Furniture
No one said you are tied down to the traditional round style sweetheart table or long rectangular head table. Why not bring in your own table or rent a unique option from a rental company? You can also use different chairs than those at the guests' tables. Large backed chairs, cushioned chairs, anything you want! Throwing in different furniture will really make it different from the rest. 
Make It Stand Out
Besides using different furniture, you can also make your sweetheart table or head table stand out by using a different color or patterned linen than the other tables, having different centerpieces, or hanging signage from the front of the table. You may even want to create a decorative "backdrop" behind the table since it will be featured in so many of the night's photos. 
Place Cards
Since this is the main table, you may want to actually make place cards for each chair instead of just assigning guests to the table as a whole. This table will be in so many pictures and you will probably want your Best Man and Maid of Honor next to you, so make sure to assign chairs if you are doing a head table. 
Chair Signs
Whether you are just sticking to Mr. & Mrs. or if you're going for Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right, Bride & Groom, or your own personal nicknames, chair signs are a must for you and your new husband, wife, or partner. 
Amanda and Carl's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography
Who To Include At A Head Table
Depending on how large your bridal party is, you may only be able to include your immediate bridal party at your head table. If you have a smaller bridal party though, you may also be able to include their dates at your head table as well. This really depends on the size of your bridal party and the reception space. We have done a few weddings now where couples have chosen to do a feast style table, using up both sides can maximize the amount of people that you can seat at your table!
Spending extra time, thought, and even money can be worth it when it comes to your sweetheart or head table. 


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