Get to Know Proud to Plan: Gina

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography
Tell us about yourself:
I graduated from Rider University with a degree in Public Relations, Event Planning and Advertising. I love to travel and plan fun outings for friends. I absolutely love the Fall because of the holidays, fall festivities and weather. I also like baking, cooking, dancing, and camping. 

Where do you live?:
Lawrenceville, NJ

Give us three words that best describe your personality: 
Passionate, Organized, Fun-loving

How did you get involved in the event industry?: 
Event planning was my minor in college. I worked part-time during school in a hotel sales and catering department, and became full-time upon graduation. I coordinated both meetings and social functions. 

What's your favorite part of a couple's wedding day?: 
Their first dance. They have finally arrived to the reception and start the fun off with their first dance as husband and wife. I love seeing what song they pick for each other and how sincere they are in this moment. 

When you're not doing events, what do you do?: 
I love going to the movies, the beach and hanging out with friends and family. 

Do you have any hobbies? Or what do you do for fun?: 
I love baking and trying new recipes. Cupcakes are my favorite. 

Fun questions, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?:
Cheese. I'm Italian, I just think everything tastes a little better with it.

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