Bridal Beauty: Skincare Prep

Besides all the day-of preparation for hair and makeup, you skin care regiment should start a couple of months before the big day. 

First, determine which skin type you have so you know the best products to use.
Knowing Your Skin Type
1. Oily: Your skin looks shiny but by lunch time, has mild to moderate breakouts and makeup seems to slide right off your face. 
          Use: Serums and gel treatments. They are typically oil free. Apply under moisturizers and makeup. 

2. Combination: Your skin can be oily in the t-zone, might also be dry everywhere else. You have sporadic breakouts, usually triggered by stress or hormones. 
          Use: Oil free moisturizers and a light cleanser. 

3. Normal: Normal skin types will usually have a fresh and clean feeling to their skin throughout the day. Breakouts are very minimal and are usually caused by hormones. 

4. Dry: This skin type suffers flakiness and tightness, hardly ever have any breakouts. 
          Use: Milky cleansers and heavy moisturizers. 

5. Sensitive: Sensitive skin types usually have redness. Skin can be itchy and sting with certain products. 
          Use: Gentle skincare lines with natural ingredients. Avoid dyes and perfumes. 

Daily Regimen
Brides need a good daily routine to get their skin in bridal beauty shape. 
1. Cleanse- Find a cleanser for your skin type and was with warm water, morning and night. 

2. Moisturize- Use a moisturizer daily, you can also use a night cream if you have dry skin. 
My favorite is Arbonne Moisturizing Night Creme. 

3. Protect- SPF- To simplify this step, you can find a moisturizer with SPF in it, however be careful, some SPF moisturizers can cause breakouts. Be mindful if your skin is prone to this. 

4. Hydrate- Hydrate with products, and hydrate by drinking plenty of water. Water hydrates your whole body and that includes your skin! It may help to keep a water bottle by your desk at work as a reminder. 

Brighten your skin tone with weekly exfoliation. This will help rid your face of dull skin cells and keep your skin soft and fresh. 

First, wash your face with your cleanser, then use your exfoliator of choice. You can use facial scrubs, a facial brush, or a wash cloth. 

Facials will help clear your complexion. For the budget conscious bride, you can even Do It Yourself. Facials can be done once a month, and should start about 6 months prior to the wedding. Facials bring a dull complexion to life, clear up blackheads and rid your face of dead skin cells. 

However, no facials within 10 days of your wedding. (In case of redness, breakouts, or bad reactions). 

Don't forget about your lips for that big kiss at the end of the ceremony. You should exfoliate your lips at least once a week. Wet a toothbrush with warm water and brush your lips gently back and forth. Make sure you protect your lips with sunscreen, too. Avoid long lasting lipsticks as they tend to dry your lips out. 

To sum up, know your skin type, and start your skincare regimen early to ensure your skin gets the special treatment it deserves. 


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