Ceremony Readings

We are all familiar with the wedding ceremony reading "Love is patient, love is kind..." (1 Corinthians 13:4) but there are many other readings available to choose for your wedding. Here are some ideas when choosing your ceremony readings.
Religious Readings- If you are getting married in a religious venue, there are plenty of passages and verses to select from the Bible, Torah, etc. Be sure to check with your officiant and make sure they approve your ceremony readings. 

Traditional Readings- Traditional and classic readings are timeless passages and capture the love of the day. 

Literature- Think about great literature for your wedding ceremony readings. Think old and new. Anything from Shakespeare to Twilight can work in a ceremony. Don't forget to consider looking for a poem, quote or essay. 

Songs- Take a few lines from one of your favorite songs or use a line from your wedding song. This is a great way to personalize your ceremony. 

Personalize- Ask your reader to select a reading for you and your future husband and read it during the ceremony. You can also have someone special write a few words and read them. These special words from the heart will be words that you remember forever. 

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