Nails for the Big Day

Even if you aren't a usual salon goer, having clean and manicured nails is crucial on your wedding day. You will be shaking many hands, holding a bouquet of flowers that everyone will be looking at and of course your hands will be popping up in many of your professional photos, so having primped hands is key. 

Whether you keep it all natural or get nail extensions, there are still many options you should consider. And don't forget to have a test run a few weeks before to make sure your nails come out just as you picture. 

Type of Manicure

Regular Manicure/Pedicure- A regular manicure and pedicure is always a safe bet when it comes to your wedding day, and always looks the most natural. Whether it's a simple color or a French manicure you can never go wrong. 

Gel Nails- If you want something a little more professional and longer lasting, you may want to opt for gel nails, which is a gel polish coating that goes right over your own nail. Although getting gel nails doesn't change the length of your nails, they do make your nails thicker and smoother and have a nice glossy appearance. Gel nails also typically last three weeks and don't chip! Plus, they're odorless. 
Acrylic- Everyone knows what acrylic nails are, but if you don't know, they are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Out of any type of nails you can get, acrylic are the most unnatural and look the most fake. So if you've had them before and like them, go for it, but you may want to opt for something more natural looking for your wedding day. 

Pinks and Whites- Pink and white are another form of acrylic nails that are used to make French pink and white manicures. A light pink color is used as the base of the nail and white is obviously the tip or extension of the nail. Just like regular acrylic, pink and white nails include a thick tip that is placed on top of your regular nail to make your nails longer. The main downside of pink and white nails is that they often make the white part very long the first time you go so they can just file it down when you go for a refill- so don't get a fresh coat of pink and whites on your wedding day!
Dips- Dips are another form of acrylic nails that are newer to the market. What makes them much better than regular acrylic and pink and whites is that they are much lighter and don't have that usual acrylic smell to them. You can still get the usual pink and white or do just a solid color. The nails are much smoother and don't leave you with heavy stiff feeling nails, which is the best part!

Picking Your Color

French- This classic look is always a winner for wedding days and is often the most common. It goes well with any dress or any wedding look from vintage to modern.

Pink- Nobody is saying you can't go with the hot pink look, but sticking to something more subtle is always more fitting. Light pinks, beiges, and some peaches also work well with all looks. 
Red- If you're feeling a bit bold, red is often a good pick if it works well with not only your color scheme, but also the feel of your wedding. If you are also a girl that typically gets red nails and you want to feel most like yourself, then stick to what you're used to, it's all about feeling comfortable on your big day. 

Blue- Still looking for your "something blue"? How about getting blue nails- light blue of course! Again if the color works well with your personality and with the colors in your wedding, then light blue can be a very fitting wedding nail color choice. 
Many companies also have nail polish "wedding collections" that they debut each year, like these from Essie and OPI. You'll love the colors and their names!
Whatever type of nails you choose and whatever color, sit back, relax, and enjoy being pampered!


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