Choosing the Right Dress for Your Body Type

Most brides hope for that special moment or feeling, when you just know that this is YOUR dress. Here are some style guidelines for picking the right dresses for your body type to hopefully make that moment easier to get to. 

Knowing the Terms and Silhouettes:
Ball Gown: Fitted bodice and waistline that lead to a very full skirt. 

A-Line or Princess: Cut close to the hip with a slight flare (creating an A-shape). 

Empire: High waistline (right under the bust), which falls to a slimmer skirt. 

Mermaid: A body-hugging silhouette that flares below the knee. 

Trumpet: An understated mermaid. This fit-and-flare skirt begins a gradual flare mid-thigh. 

Sheath/Column: A slim silhouette that closely follows your body's lines. 

Knowing Your Body Type

Do you have a big chest, wide hips, and a thin other words, curves in all the right places? Try an A-Line dress, or a drop waisted skirt. A sweetheart neckline will accentuate the bust line. 
Or try a Fit-and-Flare style, like a mermaid or trumpet to highlight your curves.
Short Waist

A drop waist will lengthen your torso, and an empire waist will diminish proportion lines to elongate your body.
Full Figure

A ball gown dress will flatter your figure, as well as and A-Line silhouette, which speaks to any figure.
Halters and strapless necklines work great. Typically avoid spaghetti straps.
Pear Shape

Like the fruit- smaller on top, fuller on the bottom. A ball gown will cover your lower half, while and empire waist hugs and accentuates your top half. A-Line dresses will also flatter you. Fit-and-Flare dresses like Mermaid or Trumpet styles will draw attention to your hips and bottom. Sheaths typically would be not very flattering. 
Thin and Tall

Almost all silhouettes will flatter you, but stay away from off the shoulder or halter necklines, they can make your neck look thinner or bonier. You can also pull off sheath dresses, which most figures cannot. 

With your small frame, you don't want the dress to be wearing you. A-Line dresses will flatter you and you can pull off a sheath as well. Although almost all silhouettes will look good on you but a big ball gown might overwhelm your stature, as will too much detailing in the dress. 
No matter what your body type, you will find your perfect dress. Take these guidelines for what they are, an overview of what works best for most figures, not all. If you find a dress that calls to you and gives you that, "This is the one" feeling, go for it!


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