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Names of Bride and Groom: KC and Eli

Wedding Date: June 16th, 2012

Ceremony and Reception Location: Congress Hall Cape May, New Jersey

How did you and your fiance meet?: We met our freshman year at Duke University, but it all started in Stone Harbor, NJ where I grew up and where Eli's parents had a summer home. Eli's parents bought a summer home on 89th Street in Stone Harbor and while on a walk in September of 2003, she noticed a car in a neighboring driveway with a Duke sticker on the back. She asked around and found that the neighbor had a daughter who was also a freshman at Duke. Eli's mom called to tell him the news and suggested that he email me. He looked my picture up in the freshman facebook (a hardcover book before Facebook as we know and love existed) and thought I looked acceptable enough to email. When I received the email from a total stranger who knew not only my name but where I lived, I was a little freaked out that I had a stalker. Luckily, my roommate knew him from class and assured me he was normal and, as it turned out, we had mutual friends. We started off our relationship as friends, bonding over our little shore town that we both love, and a year later it turned into something more. 
Tell us about the proposal: After 6 years of dating, Eli convinced me to take my mom's dog for a walk on the beach on Christmas Eve. I was very hesitant since it was about 40 degrees out, but was finally convinced. While my back was turned I could hear him fiddling with pieces of paper. When I turned around he was on one knee reading the very first email he ever sent to me which started our relationship. As soon as I realized what was happening I immediately started to cry. When we walked back to my house both of our entire families came out on the top deck waving and cheering. Not only was I clueless about the engagement but both of our families knew what was happening and were there to toast to our engagement right after it happened. It was absolutely perfect. 
What is the overall theme of your wedding?: During the planning process I never picked a theme or colors because I didn't want the wedding to seem too theme'y or contrived. The best way I can describe it is romantic, beachy, preppy, and shabby chic all at once. 
What has been your favorite part of planning?: My favorite part of planning has been working with my mom. We talk every single day; not that we didn't talk frequently before, but she has been very involved and so helpful. It is really nice to have a project to work on together and I know I will be sad when this is all over. 

What has been your fiance's favorite part of the planning?: The food tasting! That is all he could talk about when we first got engaged and Congress Hall did not disappoint. 

What are you looking forward to most on the wedding day?: I am looking forward to the "ahhhh" feeling- the day I have been planning for a year and a half and have been thinking about since I was a little girl is finally here and I just can't wait to stop overthinking and planning and worrying. I can't wait to take it all in and relish the few hours that I will have all of my friends and family in the same place at the same time. 

What is your fiance most looking forward to on the wedding day?: Tasting the food again! He wants to have five minutes to eat a plate of every single food item from the cocktail hour and eat in peace. If we can make it happen it won't even matter what else happens that night. 

Which vendor has been your favorite to work with?: Erin and her team at Proud to Plan have been really wonderful. I also had an amazing experience with Robyn at Chick Invitations in Philadelphia. I had no idea what exactly I wanted and had too many printouts of things that I liked. Robyn was able to take all of my ideas and created the most unique and perfect wedding invitation I have ever seen. I even received compliments from Eli's fraternity brothers on how they loved the invitations- that is how you know it is really good. 

What is your biggest worry about the wedding day?: I am all about the details and the little touches that make a couple's wedding unique to them. I don't want it to get to the day before or the day of and realize that I forgot something or regret not having time to finish a project. 

What makes your wedding unique from all the others?: Almost everything will have meaning and will have a story behind it. The kiddish cup for the blessing of the wine was Eli's dad's as is the tallis we are using for the Chuppah and the knife we are using for the challah blessing. The crystal champagne flutes we are going to use at the reception were given to us from my dad and are handmade from Ireland with our names etched onto the bottom. Eli's uncle painted a watercolor portrait of us in front of Congress Hall which we re-purposed as our response postcards and the front of our wedding program. The Chuppah is going to be a labor of love between my aunt, uncle, and mom collecting driftwood from the beach. We will have almost 200 mason jars scattered throughout the wedding that were all collected by my grandmother. The list goes on and on. Even if all of our guests don't know the back story or meaning behind everything, Eli and I will and it will make our day that much more special. 

Give three words to describe what you imagine you'll feel like the day AFTER the wedding: Relief, joy, and I am sure a touch hungover. 

Where will you be spending your honeymoon?: Moorea and Bora Bora!

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