Veil and Hair Accessories

It's your wedding day and you have your wedding dress on. The moment you add the veil, you feel it. You feel like a Bride.

There is something about adding the veil that transforms you into a Bride. There are so many different options when thinking about veils and hair accessories. Do you want to wear the veil all day? Just for the ceremony? Add hair accessories? Wear both? Here's the scoop on different veil and hair accessories for your wedding day. 

In the past, it was believed that a bride wore a veil to protect her from evil spirits. Today, a veil is simply an accessory. When choosing a veil, there are many things to think about (length, style, color, decoration, tiers).

Length and Styles: You can find a veil in any length. There are birdcage veils, blushers,shoulder length, elbow length, waist length, fingertip length, knee length, ballerina/floor length, chapel length, cathedral length and mantilla veils. Most are self explanatory but here are a few descriptions.

-A Birdcage veil is a short veil that can fall just below the chin.
Julie and Ryan's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Sandor Welsh Photography
-A Blusher is a short veil that covers the brides face as she enters the ceremony. It can be worn separately or added to a longer veil.
-Elbow length veils fall around the elbow. They work well with ball gown styles dresses because they end where the fullness of the skirt begins. 
-Fingertip length is probably one of the most popular lengths for a veil. This veil will extend to your fingertips. 
Jennifer and Eddy's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Justin & Mary Photography
-Chapel length is slightly shorter than a cathedral veil. This veil drapes the floor and are around 90 inches long.
Lauren and Ed's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Barton Paul Photography
-Cathedral length is the longest of the veils. It is the most formal and some can extend up to 9 feet along the ground.
Chrissy and Joe's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Laura Eaton Photography
-A Mantilla veil is a Spanish inspired wedding veil made of lace that frames the face.

Colors and Decorations: You will want to think about what color veil to choose. There are several shades of white and ivory, beige, golds and even pinks. You may also choose between a regular finish (matte) or a shimmer finish (shiny). Veils can also come with a variety of decorative edges. Some veils have a ribbon edge, some have lace and details sewn on. You can even have pearls or rhinestones places on your veil. Choose a veil that compliments your gown. You don't want to have a very ornate veil if your dress has tons of detail. Think about choosing a simpler veil so the detail of your dress will shine through. 

Tiers: Veils come in multiple tiers. You can choose between a one, two or three tier veil.

Wedding Location: Think about the location of your wedding. You may be dreaming of a cathedral length veil but if you are getting married on a beach or outdoors you may want to rethink that decision. As beautiful as the cathedral veil looks, you probably will not want to be dragging your veil around in the sand or the dirt outside.

Hairstyle: One last thing to think about when selecting a veil is how you are going to wear your hair the day of the wedding. If you plan to wear your hair down, think about choosing a simple, lightweight veil. If you are thinking about having a heavy headpiece and long veil, you may want to think about wearing an up-do to support the veil. 

In addition to wearing a veil, you may want to add a headpiece, fascinator or some hair accessories. A fascinator is a fancy word for a headpiece. Usually fascinators are made with feathers, flowers, jewels or beads and attach to the hair with a comb, headband or clip.

Tiaras: Tiaras used to be one of the only headpieces that brides wore. Today there are many options but this is still a classic option. You can choose tiaras as simple or elaborate as you like.
Marian and Brian's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Douglas Benedict Photography
Headbands: Headbands work with an up-do or a down-do. You can wear one with a veil or put one on after the ceremony for a new look at the reception. Headbands come in many styles. There are simple and jeweled headbands, some have feathers or flowers. Add an embellished headband and it will add instant sparkle to your look. 
Kelly and Tim's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Artistic Imagery 
Hair Combs: Hair combs are an easy way to add a little detail without going overboard. An intricate comb can complete a polished up-do or add some shimmer to any hairdo. 
Jena and Jason's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Misty Dawn Photography
Feathers and Flowers: Feathers are fun and flirty and add flair to your hairstyle. Flowers can add a pretty and romantic feeling to your look. You can even combine them for a flirty romantic look.
Casey and Will's Wedding
Photo courtesy of 217 Photography
Devon and Mike's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Ryan Estes
There are so many choices when deciding on a veil and hair accessories. Good luck!


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