Fun Bridal Party Photos

Gone are the days of bridal party photos that look like this:
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Of course you will always want to have a few traditional photos to show the grandkids, but over the years, couples have been getting more and more creative with their bridal party photos. Be creative, make it personal and most of all have fun! Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Go Back In History
Where was your first date? Where did you meet? Use these locations as inspiration for you bridal party shoot. Maybe your first date was a local ball game like this one.
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Get Silly
Don't be afraid to be a little goofy. Take a shot of the girls, then the guys or take individual shots and combine them for a great page in your wedding album.
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Abbey Road
You can never go wrong with this classic photo. Make it your own by including your entire bridal party, you will still get the theme across.
Marian and Brian's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Douglas Benedict Photography
Stash It Up
The mustache has become a hit feature in bridal party pictures in the past year or so, not just for the men, but the women too! Other ideas include; lips, glasses or funny noses too!
Sarah and Andy's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Smirnov Weddings
Trolley Shot
Your mode of transportation, in this case a trolley, makes for a great bridal party shot. Whether inside or out, there are so many ways to make this a great backdrop for a group picture.
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Jump For Joy
It might take a few tries, but once it's nailed, this photo is always a big hit. Make sure to include this on your photo list and hope your bridal party is coordinated.
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Leap Frog
Just like the old days. Take a trip back to your childhood by reenacting this classic game with your bridal party.
Samantha and Nate's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography
In The Field
If you're having a country wedding, or there are farms near by, take a hit from this photo and have your photographer stage a set up like this one with the beautiful trees and high grass all around. 
Sarah and Carmen's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography

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