Must Have Monday

 Today's Must Have is all about bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again. Every girl knows that when you're asked to be in a friend's wedding, you will most likely to agree to any dress that your friend wants you to wear. But these dresses really stand out to me and different for your bridesmaids and I can see every one of these being worn again!

This first dress is perfect for a backyard wedding or even a beach wedding!
Find this dress here.
Next up is a style that is on the casual side. I think it'd be perfect for a small affair and could definitely be worn to the office afterwards!
Find this dress here
This style is more on the traditional "bridesmaid" side of things but I think it could be worn again. Maybe to another wedding were you are a guest!
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I LOVE everything about this dress. The ruching is so flattering and of course I love the fun fabric around the hemline. This is not a dress that could be worn daily (or could it? I would clean in this dress!) but for a fancy girl's night out or a big New Year's Eve party, it'd be perfect!
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I'm in a wedding in September and this dress was a contender and was my favorite! I love that it is a short dress but is very formal looking and the color of pink is so pretty.
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I've never seen a bridesmaid dress like this one before! A wonderful reason to pick it!! Its also casual and you can dress it up with jewelry like the picture. I think a necklace like this one, would look fantastic!
Find this dress here
Happy Monday everyone!


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