Featured Vendor Friday

We've spoken before about how important we think a videographer is and Blossom Productions is one of our favorite companies to work with! Read on below to find out more about their company.

Name of Company: Blossom Productions

Contact Information/Website/etc:   info@blossomproductions.com 
www.blossomproductions.com Studio #: 215-825-5066

Services Offered: High Definition Video & 8mm Film for weddings, social and corporate events.

Locations that you cover: Philadelphia and Mid-Atlantic region as well as destination weddings.

When was your business established?: 2007

How did you get involved in events?: I produced a “A Wedding Story” on TLC prior to starting Blossom Productions. If we were going to start a video production company specializing in events, it made sense to start  by preserving weddings for couples.

What is your favorite type of event to do?: Weddings. 

Where is your favorite venue to work?: Congress Hall-Cape May, NJ.

What do you look forward to most on the event date?: The moment our couples see each other for the first time on their wedding day is priceless-whether it’s for the ceremony or the “first look”. Planning a wedding is full of highs and lows and when the moment finally arrives, it’s such a reality-check for the couple. I find myself smiling behind the lens while quietly rejoicing along with them!

Tell us about the best event you’ve worked: Chrissy and Joe’s Wedding in Cape May was the best wedding we’ve ever filmed (on video and super 8). Beautiful location, meaningful touches, happy family and friends, overseen by talented wedding coordinators but most importantly- a sweet, very much in love couple who tied the knot!

How do you feel about working with wedding coordinators?: We look forward to working with wedding coordinators. We know the wedding schedule and many details of the day will be meticulously managed in order to ensure the day goes as planned for the couple, their guests and the wedding professionals onsite. 

What is the price range for your services?:  $3300-5000

Anything else you’d like to share?:  Right now, the quality and creativity going into the production of wedding filmmaking is evolving by the second (gone are the days of cheesy, outdated impersonal “videos”).  Here to stay-colorful, contemporary and sophisticated produced wedding films-with heart and personality. We love what we do and we love working with couples who truly understand that the value of their wedding film goes up the minute that their wedding day is over…

Thanks Alicia! Alicia also sent us a highlight film from a wedding at Congress Hall in Cape May. Enjoy!

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